Three strokes of paint color choice make home more harmonious

What color brush is applied anywhere? They are all stressful. This should not only consider the light, function, and family health of the room, but should also take into account the color of the furniture that will be used in each space. Let's take a look at the tips of paint interior desig

Super useful decoration knowledge cabinets to buy the six tips

As more and more international brands of kitchen cabinets enter China, it has triggered an upsurge of "kitchen revolution" in China. Nowadays, the concept of kitchen cabinet has been deeply integrated into the traditional Oriental culture and has been deeply rooted in people'

What kind of plate is good for cabinet cabinets?

Buying cabinets is a very particular thing. Cabinets and countertops cannot be sloppy. Want to consult, what cabinet plate? Particleboard or density board? Are there other options?

Nowadays, the most innovative way to post new tiles

The way of paving the tiles has a great influence on the overall effect of the tiles. At present, most of the decoration still follow the traditional methods of the past. Mainly vertical tiling, but also more cement mortar-based. The advantage of this approach is that it is structured but

Four tricks to make the open kitchen do not trouble other rooms

Open kitchens generally refer to non-enclosed kitchen cubicles, often combining kitchen and dining room or kitchen adjacent to living room space. Therefore, when designing an open kitchen, pay attention to details so that your kitchen will be clean and you will not add "trouble"

Imported stainless steel pipe clamp valve features

Imported stainless steel pipe clamp valve features: 1, the structure is simple, easy to maintain. 2, stainless steel as the valve body, with good resistance to internal and external corrosion characteristics. 3, any installation in the pipeline, there is no media flow restrictions, long time us

Building materials knowledge: how to choose PVC pipe?

Most households use buried burial lines when laying electrical wiring. This way to use flame-retardant PVC pipe, because the price of PVC pipe than ordinary pipe expensive 56 yuan per meter, many owners of the purchase of pipe line tube is mostly ordinary thin plastic pipe, use this pipe o