Reviewing the countermeasures of tool companies under the economic crisis

Since the outbreak of the economic crisis in the second half of 2008, its impact has been unprecedented, and both foreign and domestic markets are in a slump.
Since the second half of 2009, China's economic situation has begun to stabilize and the majority of enterprises have begun

Transient dynamics analysis of special structure diamond circular saw blades

Abstract In this paper, a transient dynamic model of a special structure diamond circular saw blade with a porous matrix and a non-equal arc long segment is established. The transient load response calculation of the finite element model of a special structure diamond circular saw blade is o

Effect of synthesis temperature on polycrystalline diamond

Abstract In this paper, a six-sided top press was used to synthesize polycrystalline diamond under high temperature and high pressure conditions. The effect of synthesis temperature on the grain size of the polycrystalline diamond and the distribution of the binder was investigated. The frac

Greenhouse vegetables spray micro-fertilizer notes

Too high a concentration is not only useless, but harmful. Generally speaking, the suitable spraying concentration of various micro-fertilizers is: boric acid or borax solution 0.05% to 0.25%, ammonium molybdate solutio

How to match foliar fertilizer when redeeming

Vegetable diseases in the greenhouse are frequent, and spraying is essential. Many vegetable farmers often use foliar fertilizer when spraying. The combination of foliar fertilizer and pesticides not only saves labor and labor, but also increases plant nutrition, improves plant resistance