Application of Intelligent NC Nesting Programming Software in CNC Cutting

Today, with the rapid development of CNC cutting technology, people have realized that the use of advanced CNC cutting and optimized nesting technology is not only the key to ensure product cutting quality and welding quality, but also the key to improving the utilization rate of the board,

Three major factors affecting the efficacy of pesticides

The control effect is the result of the comprehensive effect of pesticide on a certain control object under certain environmental conditions. There are three main factors affecting the efficacy of pesticides:
(1) Factors of pesticide itself

Irrigated fertilization is more accurate than water fertilization

Q: What is the water and fertilizer integration technology? What are the current methods?

Experts: Strictly speaking, the integration of water and fertilizer is to dissolve the fertilizer into the irrigation water, and let the water and fertilizer supply the water and fertilizer t