Plate feeder inspection and maintenance procedures

1. In the use of plate feeder, the material on the chain plate should always maintain a certain thickness, generally should not be less than 200 mm. It is not allowed to discharge materials on the chain plate directly when unloading. When unloading cannot be avoided, Before discharging the mate

Optimize IC design flow and increase efficiency with ENOVIA V6



Creative Electronics must shorten time-to-market, improve project time management, improve quality assurance and capacity, and address the challenges of globalization in the highly competitive IC design market.

What problems often occur during the use of pesticides?

1. [The object of prevention and control is not clear] In the crop growth period, several pests and diseases are often occurred at the same time. The biological and living habits of various pests and diseases are not known, and biologica

Study on the shaping and thermal remediation of extremely toughened bolts

The technical requirements for the design of cylinder head bolts and connecting rod bolts are the highest. The data analysis is as follows: 1) Rapid cooling with water after tempering can reduce the temper brittleness of steel and increase the impact value. 2) If the tempering temperature is t

Cotton seedlings increase in cash

At the moment, when cotton is ready for cultivation, many cotton farmers report that the fertilizer application technology of cotton field and nutrient seedling stage is not easy to grasp. To this end, the reporter interviewed Yu Hongzhang, a senior agronomist and cotton expert. Yu H