Post-holiday DOP Market Trends and Outlook Review

The DOP market in Asia is weak and the prices are slightly lower. Affected by the lack of buyers' entry, the market lacked effective negotiations and the transaction atmosphere was light. The mood of traders was stable and the quotation was slightly reduce

Type of protective shoes

(1) Safety shoes.

(2) Insulation shoes.

(3) Antistatic and conductive shoes.

(4) Steel-making shoes and shoe covers.

(5) rubber boots.

(6) Cold shoes.

It is also suitable for the insulation of the soles of road-building workers

Effect of cecropin antibacterial peptide on performance of broilers

Abstract: In order to further determine the effect of antimicrobial peptides on the performance of broilers, a 150 mg/kg antimicrobial peptide group and neomycin sulfate were compared to verify the effect. The results showed that the performance of the broilers in the antim

2012 Security Industry Report

2012 Security Industry Report How to look at the development of the security industry? It is believed that the corporate report of listed companies can reveal the development characteristic

Analysis and solution to the problem of slow running of CNC system

With the development of manufacturing automation and enterprise informatization, enterprises are increasingly demanding the automatic collection of manufacturing information, and the manufacturing information of workshop equipment is urgently needed to provide basis for production managemen

How to use the bidet

A separate bidet, after the toilet is over, simply wipe it with the toilet paper and then change to the side of the bidet. First turn on the faucet. The direction and strength of the effluent may be compl

Curtain fabric styles and fabrics

1. The types of curtains are summarized as follows: opening and closing curtains (flat curtains), roman blinds (lifting curtains), roller blinds, venetian blinds, sunshades (canopy curtains and outdoor su