Beans common disease medication specifications

Common diseases of beans include rust, powdery mildew, wilt, root rot, leaf spot, sclerotinia, anthracnose, mosaic and arbuscular disease (viral disease), bacterial leaf spot and nematode disease Wait. The China Pesticide Network Xiaobian introd

Children's room color matching

The color matching of the children's room should conform to the children's feelings. Most of the family children sleep in a room, so the child will feel lonely and upset, and the children's ro

Feed grade calcium hydrogen phosphate standard

Phosphorus and calcium are essential for the growth and consumption of animals. Trace elements are important elements of animal metabolism and maintenance of physiological functions. They are known as the "body of life". Calcium is an important part of the formation of animal bone

Indoor common pot maintenance knowledge

Ivy conservation

Ivy is suitable for cultivation in the garden and is also suitable for potting. When planting in the pot, pay attention to shading in the summer and winter in the winter. During t

Hybrid ceramic bearing

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