In-depth analysis of the smart analysis industry application

After more than seven years of practice, the Kodak industry monitoring system already has a wealth of intelligent business functions, including license plate recognition, camera abnormal monitoring, virtual warning line, property protection, moving target tracking, counting, items left behind,

Stone care wax precautions

(1) Wax water containing coloring materials may cause stone pollution

Stone is a porous material that may absorb the coloring material contained in the wax water, causing contamin

The largest imagined "lightweight" aluminum alloy

[] From 2011 to 2015, the use of aluminum materials for Chinese automotive cycling will increase by 10% to 12% per year. By 2015, the aluminum content for China's automobiles will increase from the current 1.9 million tons to 3.14 million tons.

In 2013, the feast of

Electricity billing information mobile software launched

“In the first 8 months, the family has used more than 1800 kWh of electricity, and there is less than 400 kWh of basic electricity left from the second ladder, which has saved electricity.” On September 10, he lived in Jinlong District of Workers’ Road in Zhengzhou City

The smart grid with opportunities and challenges coexisting

As an important energy supply facility for the country, electricity is a top priority. As an effective assistant to ensure the safe operation of the power industry, security products have always been the patron saint of the power industry. From the perspective of the application of tradit