MP 8000 hot forging press under the top rod does not return to the problem

China National Heavy Duty Truck Jinan Casting and Forging Center MP8000 hot forging press automatic production line mainly produces universal joint forgings, the production line introduces SMS company bus control technology and technology, the main machine is imported from Germany, high d

Shenyang solid wood furniture custom point which reputation is good?

Solid wood furniture has always been the darling of the furniture industry. It has the advantages of natural environmental protection, sturdiness and durability. It can be a beautiful and practical work with careful manufacture of good materials. However, the cost of s

The magic of mahogany furniture marketing

Either don't open, open for three years. In the mahogany furniture market, many companies account for 20% of high-end products, but they have created 80% of sales. The “two-eighth law” seems to be the only way to market mahogany furniture. “When M

Online shopping home textiles can be "first sleep and buy"?

In the online buyers of textile products, the biggest "obstacles" in the minds of consumers is the inability to touch the experience. After all, this is something that needs to be used personally. A few days ago, including the

Yipin decorated the home market after the home market

In the home industry, there is a new term “home aftermarket”. After the sale of all related industries, we can incorporate it into the home aftermarket. Among them, there are creative home accessories with super decorative ef

What is Daxin board?

When we buy furniture, we will ask the clerk what the furniture is. However, the clerk may not understand the materials. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the basic knowledge of the board in advance. Today we will take a look at the Daxin board. Daxin board, also known as blockboard