Applying good fertilizer to high yield

Reasonable fertilization is based on the corn fertilizer requirement, soil fertility, fertilizer type and natural conditions and cultivation measures at the time of fertilization, to determine the appropriate fertilization amount, nutrient distribution ratio, fertilization period and ferti

Production and recycling of automotive plastic waste

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Automotive plastic waste is a kind of plastic waste. It has the common feature of general plastic waste, that is, it is p

Customer demand analysis of 3G mobile video surveillance

[ Huaqiang Security Network News ] Mobile phones have become an indispensable tool in people's lives. According to iResearch data, in June 2010, China’s mobile phone users exceeded 700 million, of which 3G users have e

How to use the rights management of the network video server

[ Huaqiang Security Network News ] In fact, the network video server is to integrate the video signal captured by the surveillance front-end camera into the server through the transmission device. The server converts the video si

China Plastics Network tells you about the classification of PE

Depending on the density, low density, high density, linear low density and ultra low density polyethylene are common types. According to the difference of relative molecular mass, there are common medium relative molecular mass (5~250,000, common in industry, general product use), high relativ

Description of the structure of the reactor

This paper introduces the structure of the reactor tank stirrer. The reactor is a stainless steel "target=_blank> stainless steel container with physical or chemical reaction. The Jinjitai mechanical reactor manufacturer configures the structure and parameters of th

Aluminium wood doors and windows performance, design and installation

[China Aluminum Industry Network] Aluminum-clad wooden doors and windows are prefabricated to preserve the features and functions of pure solid wood doors and windows, and are a composite of heat-insulating (broken bridge) aluminum alloy profiles and solid wood through mechanical methods. T

How to choose the dance floor special floor suitable for you

Times are changing, pvc dance floor is changing. Many years ago, the branches of the floor were still relatively small and the classification was not clear. However, as people's living standards improved, more and more people took dance as their leisure and entertainment, and as a result, m