2016 floor brand complete look at these enough

Nowadays, the pursuit of home decoration is more and more diversified, and many people like wood furniture. In this case, what do you need to pay attention to when choosing a wood floor? How can you buy a well-known, safe, and healthy flooring brand? There are now as many as 1,000 floor br

Bay window stone price window practical design space invulnerable

Bay window is an important part of the room, in addition to the role of ventilation, the decorative floating window sill will make the room unique. Bay window, not only can enjoy ample indoor light, but also enjoy the beautiful outdoor landscape, the main bedroom of the Bay window more emp

2016 global PV demand forecast analysis

Abstract In 2015, driven by the rise of China, the United States, Japan and other major markets and other emerging markets, solar demand continues to grow. According to the latest report from EnergyTrend of TrendForce's Green Ene

Work Process of Intelligent Parking License Plate Recognition System

The vehicle number plate is the unique ID of the vehicle. Its speciality and importance determine that the license plate recognition system becomes an indispensable and important part of the urban intelligent traffic management system.

Intelligent license plate recognition system is b

ZYB high pressure gear pump overview

ZYB high-pressure gear pump structure in the use of a number of unique hydraulic balancing technology to improve the efficiency of the pump work in high-pressure environment, with noise, smooth operation, dwell for a long time and other unique performance. ZYB high-pressure gear pump Overview