What is automatic tracking technology

Automatic tracking

Automatic tracking is the process of automatically following the target and performing coordinate observation and measurement through the follow-up system according to certain characteristics of the signal.

Automatic tracking is a system t

3GBW type three screw insulation pump structural characteristics is what?

3GBW-type three-screw heat pump is a rotor-type displacement pump, commonly used in the transportation of asphalt, heavy fuel oil, crude oil transportation, fuel injection. Now to introduce the structural features of the 3GBW three-screw heat preservation pump is what. 3GBW-type three-screw h

Study on the Best Heat Treatment Process of 30 Cr MoA Steel Bolt Fasteners

Research on the best heat treatment process of 30CrMoA steel bolt fasteners in Harbin Engineering University Chang Tiejun Yang Shiwei 1 Yin Shutong Gong Zhengchun 2 (1. School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Harbin Engineering University, Harbin 150001, China; 2. Harbin Boiler Fac

Screw assembly and anti-loose technology

Technical exchange screw assembly and anti-loose technology bookmark0 Aerospace Science and Industry Group Third Institute Research Institute Zhao Yunqi Li Jinping Chengzhong has a large proportion. During the assembly process, the problem of threaded fasteners or connectors failing due to

Development of Peroxide-vulcanized EPDM Foaming Material

Research Institute of If-Reader Rubber 擂翮 研 篇 E le 此 此 Publish 各 此 此 此 各 标准 标准 标准 f f f f / / EP EP EP EP EP EP EP EP EP EP EP EP EP EP EP EP EP EP EP EP EP EP EP EP EP EP EP EP EP EP Chemi

What does a good steel granary bring to you?

A good steel granary will bring you a good steel silo, which will bring you more substantial benefits.
First of all, the storage effect is good, you can easily control the temperature and humidity, to prevent deterioration of food, to ensure the quality of your food. Secondly, investment i