New Rigid Body Collector Picture

The new rigid body collector is the main device for picking up electrical energy in the collector line side of the trolley line system. It passes the collector brush and the guide rail in sliding contact and directs the electrical energy to the consumer appliance, thus realiz

What brand of good living room floor lamp floor lamp brand 2017 ranking

With a unique living room floor lamp, the visual effect of the entire living room space can not be ignored. The living room floor lamp is composed of a lampshade, a bracket and a base. General living room floor lamps are often used as space local lighting and corner atmosphere creation. He

note! Don't let the disease go down in the green season...

In March, the temperature climbed and wheat in all parts of China gradually entered the greening period. In the past few days, the reporters have successively received calls from Henan, Shanxi, Gansu readers and Mr. Wen from Sanyuan County, Shaanxi Province, ref

The most complete hot runner mold related knowledge in history

1. What is a hot runner?
One of the main functions of the hot runner is to keep the plastic melt in the hot runner at the correct processing temperature throughout the injection cycle, holding and cooling of the molding cycle. Thereby achieving no cold water outlet, reducing se

Insulation material universal testing machine technical parameters

Insulation material universal testing machine technical parameters

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Insulation material universal testing machine technical parameters
The universal testing machine for thermal insulation material adop

Application of Herbicide Cyhalofop in Rice Field

Cyhalofop-butyl is a herbicide with high safety to rice, but it can only be treated as stem and leaf, and pre-emergence treatment is ineffective. Not only is cyhalofop-butyl ester highly efficient against various alfalfa, but also efficient for

New bicycle projector is convenient and compact and safe

Dynamic Technology According to the British "Mirror" reported that Azerbaijan Aynur Baba Aliyev product designers to create a bike projector, the image signal can be projected onto the back of the rider's way, thus ensuring the user's night ride Safety.

Security engineering supervision duties

Security engineering supervision duties are diverse, so what role do they play in engineering construction? Mainly can be distinguished from the following aspects: