EVA high foam packaging

Introduction: With the rapid development of social economy, the packaging industry has constantly emerged a variety of packaging products. Then, what is the prospect of EVA high-foaming products in the packaging industry?

Marco Marco barrels how Marco Marco barrels do it?

Every household needs to use a toilet, and there are many brands of toilets on the market. Many consumers do not know how to choose. Today Xiaobian brings us Marco Polo Roman barrels that have been selling well in the market. The Marco Polo brand occupies a very high marke

Difference between C-shaped steel and Z-shaped steel

With the increasing popularity of steel structures, the use of C-shaped steels and z-shaped steels has also increased. What is the difference between the two? Here, Xinjiang Qijia gives everyone the emphasis on the differences between c-steel and z-steel:
1. The angles of Z-shaped steel an

How to do water pipes so frozen

We all know that winter is a very cold season, and in the deep winter, frosting and freezing are very common phenomena. Because of the rapid drop in temperature, the phenomenon of freezing and freezing in water pipes is also common. This has brought a lot of changes to our

Renovation kitchen note eight things to make the kitchen easy to use

The frequency of use of the kitchen is very high. Many people pay more attention to the decoration of the kitchen. Appropriate decoration will make it more interesting. However, with the trend of color value control decoration, many people are more concerned about the aesthetic problems of