Application of Herbicide Cyhalofop in Rice Field

Cyhalofop-butyl is a herbicide with high safety to rice, but it can only be treated as stem and leaf, and pre-emergence treatment is ineffective. Not only is cyhalofop-butyl ester highly efficient against various alfalfa, but also efficient for older alfalfa. Let us know how to use cyhalofop.

1. Yuyutian is applied in the 1.5~2 leaf stage of alfalfa, and 40% of the 10% emulsifiable concentrate is used.

2, live field, transplanted field, throwing the field, in the 2 ~ 4 leaf stage of Valerian, the use of 10% emulsifiable oil 50-60 ml, 30-40 kg of water, stem and leaf spray (can not use the poisonous soil method or Poisonous fertilizer method).

3. When applying the medicine, the soil surface water layer should be less than 1 cm or drained (maintaining soil water saturation state), and the field water holding capacity of the dry nursery field or the dry live field can make the weed grow vigorously, so as to obtain the best efficacy. . Watering 24 to 48 hours after application to prevent new weeds from germination.

4, to prevent the age of weeds (5-7 leaf stage) or dry field conditions should be appropriate to increase the amount of medication.

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