Autumn and winter vineyard management points

From November to December, as the temperature decreased, the grape growth began to enter a dormant period. At this time, the production management was relatively easy. Many fruit farmers easily overlooked the field management. Zhang Zongqin, an associate professor at the College of Forestry, Northwest A&F University, reminded the fruit farmers that during this period the vineyard management still could not be relaxed.

If the collection of seed strips is to be used to expand the planting area and new gardens, the planning of the gardens, land consolidation and seedling implementation should be carried out; and the fields where seedlings are produced should be collected. The mother tree that collects the seed strips should be a mother tree with good varieties, good growth, strong growth, good traits and no pests and diseases. The collected strips should be mature and full of buds. The collected strips should be labeled in time and kept in a safe place. The best time to grasp the winter pruning of winter sheared grapes is that the tree body fully enters the dormant period until about 20 days before the injury period. Greenhouse cultivation should be finished before the film is covered.

The basic fertilizer for autumn application should be based on organic fertilizer, and pay attention to the reasonable combination of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Generally, about 2000 kg of livestock and poultry manure, 25 kg of compound fertilizer and 50 kg of superphosphate. At the same time, according to the different conditions of the field, add other phosphorus and potassium fertilizers and trace element fertilizers. The method of applying the base fertilizer is divided into two types: garden application and ditch application. Generally, the scaffolding grapes are mostly applied in the whole garden, and the fertilizer is applied after deep application. The ditch can be determined according to the age of the tree, and the fertilization is carried out by using an annular groove or a strip groove. Ditch depth and groove width should be reasonable. After the fertilizer is applied, it is covered with soil.

Thoroughly clearing the garden, the leaves, tendrils, fruit stalks, fallen fruit, dead branches and weeds that have fallen off in the garden are removed from the garden and destroyed. If the main bark is lifted, it is necessary to grasp the peeling work of the old skin to remove the germs and insect pests on the trunk and reduce the incidence of pests and diseases in the coming year. The peeled old skin should be burnt and concentrated. After peeling off the old skin, the whole garden carries out whitening treatment of the trunk, and the agent is smeared with a stone sulphur mixture and lime, and the trunk is painted, and the disinfectant is sprayed once in the whole garden to eliminate pests and diseases.

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