Autumn vegetables should be such a kind

Autumn is coming, the climate is changeable, how to plant vegetables ? Xiaobian is a trick for everyone~


   1. Variety selection: The high temperature and rain in the early stage of autumn sowing vegetables, and the late growth stage coincides with low temperature and drought. Therefore, autumn-sowed carrots, radish, Chinese cabbage, kidney beans, cabbage and other vegetables should be selected for adaptability, cold tolerance, disease resistance and high yield of cultivars. Carrots can be selected from Japan Kuroda five-inch ginseng, seven-inch ginseng, small red, and whip red ; water radish can choose Dahongpao, Lu radish No. 1 , Lu radiant No. 3 , Lu radish No. 6 , nine pounds red ; Chinese cabbage You can choose Beijing New No. 1 , Beijing Youkang No. 3 , Lubai No. 2 , Tianjin Qingma Ye, Fengkang 70; and the beans can be cultivated with green dragon, nine white, and old and young.



   2. Sowing time: Start planting carrots before and after “Great Summer” ; plant radish and Chinese cabbage before and after “Liuqiu”. Soybean sowing will cause falling flowers and pods too early, and the yield will be low after sowing. When planting, it can be broadcast live between "small heat" and "Liqiu".



   3. Pay attention to drainage and flood control: autumn sowing vegetables are prone to rainy weather. Therefore , attention should be paid to drainage and flood control during the seedling stage of autumn sowing , and sorghum or high ridge cultivation can be used for soil preparation.



   4. Prevention and control of pests and diseases: The seedling stage of autumn sowing vegetables is at the peak of the occurrence of Plutella xylostella, cotton bollworm and brown spot. Pest control can be carried out with high-efficiency and low-toxic pollution-free pesticides - inhibition of Taibao, Lvbao, and high-chlorine spray. Prevention and treatment of diseases can be controlled by mixed streptomycin, Phytophthora, DuPont, and other mixed sprays. Generally, the control is carried out once every 10 days, and even 2 to 3 times, and the drug is stopped 7 to 10 days before harvesting .





Choosing suitable cultivars: high temperature in the early stage of vegetable seedling growth, large difference in water content, and low temperature and low-light stage in the late growth stage. Therefore, cultivars with wide adaptability, disease resistance, cold tolerance and high yield should be selected when selecting varieties.



Prevention of damage caused by high temperature and heavy rain during seedling period: High temperature and heavy rain will inhibit the growth of vegetable seedlings, leading to frequent occurrence of pests and diseases. When raising seedlings, the application of sunshade nets and insect nets can effectively prevent high temperature, heavy rain and pests.







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