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Bay window is an important part of the room, in addition to the role of ventilation, the decorative floating window sill will make the room unique. Bay window, not only can enjoy ample indoor light, but also enjoy the beautiful outdoor landscape, the main bedroom of the Bay window more emphasis on the warm and quiet. Bay window can also serve as a very good viewing platform. Then, what kind of stone is used for floating windows when decorating the bay window? Let's take a look at the introduction of the price of the stone window .

Bay window design material to be able to sunscreen

The main bedroom roof opposite design can also be simplified, the main area of ​​the main bedroom beam is less, while other areas have more beams and irregular roof, the main area is decorated with solid wood lines to maintain the original top, does not block the window line of sight, increase the main Lying space

Decoration and electronic products are somewhat similar to each other, that is, the speed of replacement is very fast. The effect of decoration and fashion is similar to that of new fashion trends. As a new generation of 80,90 after the main force of decoration, in the pursuit of home decoration fashion sense at the same time, pay more attention to the personality of publicity, and the manifestation of this personality is sometimes a small corner of the home. In line with the principle of individualism and pragmatism, this magazine has opened up this new section from the beginning of the Year of the Rabbit.

Once the bay window is adapted to local conditions and is reasonably designed, it will make the house feel great and have a wide field of vision. Yaguang Ya decorating designers will be divided into Bay window features:

1, the ornamental type: the whole floor design, do not have to make changes in the interior design, but in the layout of work from top to bottom, the bay window into a couch;

2. Entertaining type: The large-angled bay window can be designed as a tearoom. First, buy a thin fabric cushion according to the size of the window sill, then buy some square pillows of the same color as the backrest, and finally put a small Japanese-style coffee table in the middle. ;

3, practical type: If the bay window is not too high, you can make a row of small cabinets under the bay window.

Bay window stone selection

1. Note that stone with a back net is not suitable for narrow window sill, it is easy to break, although it can be handled by means such as sticking protection, but the effect is difficult to guarantee.

2, when selecting stone, in addition to see the surface effect, such as whether the pattern is beautiful, whether it is smooth, whether there is color, whether there is sand hole, there is no trace of make up, but also look at the side of the lines, do not see the texture of the stone can be generally hardness , but there are exceptions. If there are lines, the lines are fine and sparse.

3, the inquiry must be clear about the following items: the price of the plate; edging costs; installation costs; whether to increase the loss, how much; boring, grinding, bonding costs (including taps and basins) Incision fee; the cost of protection; the cost of transportation; whether to go to the door to pay the deposit. Note that some large windowsills are billed by area, and small windowsills are calculated by linear meters. This requires a comparison.

4, to carefully measure the location of the installation of stone, be aware of. The left and right sides of the windowsill are best left with 3cm or so small ears, or beautiful. If the window sill is worn on both sides and the width of the sticky edge strip is added, generally 3 cm is enough. The bathroom countertop should be added with the width of the retaining strip, and the width of the sticky edge strip should be added to both sides of the grinding. Pay attention to the upper side of the squeegee.

5, floating window stone more than two meters four times generally do splicing, need to talk in advance if the splicing, as far as possible not to take the way, in this case, the seam will be longer, not only beautiful.

6, the best bathroom countertops do not have a magnificent, golden beige, Egyptian beige, Spanish beige and other soft stones, the strength is not enough, easy to break dirty. It is best to use medium white in light colors. If the countertops are long (double basins), you can use large white flowers, oriental white, Norwegian colorful jade and so on.

The material of the bay window should be able to protect the sun, otherwise it will not take long to break. The window sill of the bay window is generally made of wood or stone, and the top of the window sill should be considered for light treatment, and the setting of the curtain box should be taken into consideration, which is consistent with the basic style of the area.

Bay window stone price


If you choose luxury marble, the price of imported marble will be as high as 200 to 1,000 yuan. The price of artificial stone is generally higher than marble. If you don't use stone, you can use wood and paint. However, it is necessary to pay attention in use, durability is worse than stone. You can also use the soft package approach to deal with the Bay window, that is, with wood plus fabric.

man made rock

Artificial stone is the most common material for floating window countertops. The advantage is that it is not afraid of tides, it will not be deformed, and it is easy to maintain. The disadvantage is that it will be colder in the cold winter. If you like to linger on the window sill, you must get a blanket, and the price is a little more expensive than the natural stone.

Wood board

The use of wood board to do countertops is not mainly cold, it looks relatively simple, the disadvantage is that a long time is easy to be sun deformation, in case of the window to fight the rain is also easy to damp, to the winter on the bay window there will be a lot of condensation drops Flow to the countertop will also cause the deck of the wood board to be deformed by moisture. The sauna board solves the defects of the wood board in terms of moisture resistance, but the sauna board has a single color and is decorated with other fabrics and the like.

The commonly used material for the bay window is stone, marble, artificial stone, and granite. These materials are versatile and expressive. They are indeed suitable. If you look at the material price of floating window countertops, you can choose granite or marble with a lower price. The common specification for them is 800mm in width and meters in meters, generally 60-100 RMB/meter. If you choose luxury marble, the price of imported marble will be as high as 200 to 1,000 yuan. The price of artificial stone is generally higher than marble. If you don't use stone, you can use wood and paint. However, it is necessary to pay attention in use, durability is worse than stone. You can also use the soft package approach to deal with the Bay window, that is, with wood plus fabric. So what material is relevant to your preferences is also relevant to economic considerations. In view of these circumstances, I suggest that you use marble, economic benefits, color, and so on.

Summary: About the stone window prices for everyone to introduce here, I hope this article helps everyone. If you still have something you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

Bay window

Material :Natural slate , quartz,sandstone ,marble etc . 

Size       :25*60cm,30*60cm,40*60cm,60*60cm etc .
Shape   :Rectangle or square with chipped edge 

Packing :  wooden crate 

 The wooden pallets  size is made as the container size . After loading the wooden crate in the container ,the wooden crates will nearly same size with the width of the container .It can make the wooden crate not have space to move during transport . In this case ,it can keep the stone safety mostly

Application : Can be used to decorate the outside wall or inside wall .Decorate your house ,decorate your life .

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