China's children's furniture standards will be out of the legislative supervision for the common practice of all countries

Today's children are the apples of their parents, and they are simply the root of life. The children who play with them and eat them into their mouths all make their parents nervous. However, it is difficult for parents to check the furniture accompanying their children.
China's "General Technical Conditions for Children's Furniture" will be prone to some problems in August: for example, it is not environmentally friendly, formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances exceed the standard, and the low mechanical safety factor can easily lead to children's bruises and bruises. However, many parents have reluctantly discovered that it has been repeated for several years. As of now, China still has no special standards for children's furniture.
In August 2008, "Children's Furniture Standards" was the second batch of national standard revision and revision plan furniture projects. The two units of Shenzhen Metrology Quality Inspection Institute and Shanghai Quality Supervision and Inspection Technology Research Institute officially began drafting. At the earliest, it was said that "it is expected to be approved for release in 2010", and later changed to "approve the implementation before the end of 2011." However, after repeated iterations, it has not been introduced. Here, some people in the industry believe that once the "Children's Furniture Standard" is implemented, most children's furniture brands have to disappear.
In the past two days, I finally heard the good news: "General Technical Conditions for Children's Furniture" will be released in August this year. It’s not known whether the regenerative variables will be revived on this day, but it’s obviously not just a matter of complicated procedures.
Environmental protection expert Dong Jinshi: The first aspect involves more content. The materials, paints, leather, fiber components, etc. in the furniture must be subject to specific restrictions, and the methods for testing and the basis for judgment must be provided. Time to refer to foreign materials, but also to verify the experimental aspects.
The second aspect of the production of children's furniture enterprises, their opinions on these standards are not uniform, the stricter the requirements, means that many companies may be eliminated, in the process of the discussion draft, many manufacturers participate in the standard Drafting and formulating work, for example, the opinions cannot be unified, so this standard has been delayed, the refinement and quantification of technical indicators, and the specificization of testing methods have brought challenges to these enterprises that originally produced children's furniture.
Japan: The requirements for "standards" are broadly required to be compared with the domestic children's furniture standards that may be introduced in comparison with chemical and physical standards. The neighboring countries have more broad requirements for "standards", but in addition to chemical indicators, physics It also has to be up to standard.
Global Chinese Broadcasting Network Japan Special correspondent Huang Xueqing:
Japan has an industry standard survey meeting, which is affiliated to the Industrial Technology Institute of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry. The 2004 Industrial Standards Survey has formulated 11 technical regulations for wood products. The main contents of the test are formaldehyde release limits, heavy metals such as lead and chromium, and wood wood. The product is banned from the detection of preservatives such as copper, chromium and the like.
The regulations also include tests on the safety performance of children's furniture. The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan has also made clear provisions on the content of 20 kinds of health-improving substances, such as formaldehyde, in household products, not only on the materials used, but also on children and students. There are also many regulations on the shape and function of the furniture used. For example, the student chair used in the school should be adjustable in height so that it can be used by different height students. The bench and table and chair materials used in the science classroom should be durable materials. product problem.
The standards set by the Industry Standards Survey for school furniture can be said to be nothing short of not only the seats for studying various subjects, the arts and crafts room seats, sewing tables and chairs, cooking desks and chairs, etc., even There are specific product standards for shoe racks, umbrella racks, learning lockers, cleaning cabinets, etc.
In addition to the performance test and durability test, the test standards for these furniture are subject to vibration and earthquake overturning tests, which stipulate that furniture that can be moved, such as bookshelves, cannot be overturned during an earthquake or when a child collides.
United States: Multi-party close cooperation supervision and auditing of toy industry standards Americans are known for their protection of children. If the school bus may sit next to the next US president, then the president must also use furniture. Naturally, we must be careful about what the future "president" uses.
Phoenix Satellite TV reporter in New York Pang Zhe:
The US toy industry has been working closely with parents, government agencies, health and safety experts, and technical departments for many years. The US Children's Toy Safety Inspection Regulations are among the most demanding countries in the world, and the toys sold in the United States are no matter which country. Imports must pass very strict audits and inspections by relevant US agencies.
Despite this, many unsafe products are often on the market. In fact, as early as 2008, the US Congress passed a consumer safety bill, which specifically pointed out a strict censorship system for toxic chemical components in children's toys. Children's toy retailers, including Wal-Mart and Toys R Us, have been greatly affected. These companies have also rigorously reviewed the industrial standards of children's toys and importing countries, resulting in a 5% increase in the cost of toy-related industries. Up to 8%.
Britain: Children's furniture is constantly demanding. Europeans always pay attention to details. The quality of products is what makes the world look good. It is not surprising that children's furniture must be refined.
British Chinese Broadcasting Network UK special correspondent Hou Ying:
The British Furniture Association has very strict requirements on the materials used in the manufacture of furniture. The quality and source of the wood are regulated. In addition, the relevant fire tests are required. The strength and stability of the furniture and the construction of the decorative furniture are compatible. And safety standards. This is the concern of the British Furniture Association. Since many children's furniture are combined, especially the single bed of the bunk bed needs to meet the high standards of safety, strength and durability to protect children's safety.
Not only the furniture itself has requirements, but the British Furniture Association will also conduct random checks to prevent the odor of volatile organic compounds in the furniture from harming the human body. The furniture dismantling work, the storage of furniture and the human influence, the relevant furniture companies should follow the regulations. Explain.
From the above introduction, it can be seen that the special supervision of children's furniture is a common practice in the world. After all, the children in the "cradle" represent the future, and the quality of the "cradle" needs to be supervised and cared for by the whole society. ! We also hope that the forthcoming China General Technical Conditions for Children's Furniture will keep children safe and peace of mind for their parents.

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