Firemen's rights and responsibilities

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"War cadres" sent out, tens of thousands of clicks because of the truth.

However, I also received a warning that the retired young general of a high-ranking deputy in a province said in a group of friends in the throat that “the talks are not in accordance with the facts, our training work is not so unbearable, etc...”

I sent this screenshot to the group to verify the brainwaves of some senior executives. Why is it not on the same channel as the grassroots? Some people say: The food-grade and the losers, the meat-eaters and the grass-folk people see something different. Someone said: Ass determines the head. Someone said: Of course, people who look at the eyes above do not pay attention to the following!

The retired elder statesman's statement does not make me think of a historical story.

In the time of Jin Shiji’s reconciliation, when the famine occurred, the people did not eat food, dig grass roots, eat Guanyin land, and many people lived to starve to death. The news quickly reported that Sima, who was above and beyond, was very puzzled when he heard the report. Put forward a solution that we think is practical and feasible. If people don't have food, they can eat meat!

Standing on the heights of self-righteousness, the list of small hillsides, the survival of the ants, no matter what.

As far as fire protection work is concerned, it is not fire fighting but fire prevention work.

A building that is burned into a base can also bring out amazing results. If you don’t believe it, you can go through the set of battles that have been out in the past few years. Lessons are always alarm late, bad equipment, few vehicles, far water supply, communication. Chaos. If one day, we write a lesson full of lessons, write little stories of experience, and write small ones. This shows that we have begun to regard career as a business.

The fire brigade took a roll and left. The rest of the work went to the fire department. Reasons for investigation, responsibility, and low fire are acceptable. Heavy and extraordinarily large fire fire inspectors must bear legal responsibilities. Although the firefighting force is active, it accepts questions and investigations from local procuratorates. At this time, the identity of the military cannot protect itself, and the leaders who have joined the fire protection supervision are looking after themselves.


2001 April 21, People's Republic of China State Council Order No. 302 announced 302 orders is the name, "the State Council on serious safety accidents administrative accountability provisions." The key word of this "order" is "accountability of administrative responsibility," but in fact, the investigation of accidents by the State Council's accident investigation team involved fire-fighting supervisors who bear criminal responsibility.

For example: June 3, 2013, 6:06, Dehui City, Jilin meters of sand the town of Bao Feng poultry industry source company fire, the accident caused 121 people were killed and 77 people were injured. The cause of the accident was a liquid ammonia leak and explosion.

The nature of the accident: As a result of illegal venture operations, the company caused major fatal accidents.

This accident was a characterization of the state's civil servants: law enforcement supervision agencies and local governments did not perform their supervisory duties seriously.

The procuratorial organs took criminal responsibility for 11 state public officials for dereliction of duty . Among them, 6 were fire surveillance supervisors involved , and the reason for the investigation was that: The accident unit had not been audited for fire design and construction, illegal construction was not stopped, no punishment was imposed, and major safety hazards, such as the failure to comply with the standards for plant decoration materials, were not inspected, and this unit was not listed. As a key fire prevention unit, there was no organization of surveys and appraisals of fire accidents that occurred in the plant, no inspections and assessments of fire fighting grades were conducted on the rectification, and fire safety training and escape drills were not carried out on the unit, and the problem of incomplete fire extinguishers on the unit was not solved. Corrections, non-penalties, and letting go against the law.

From a literal point of view, this project did not pass the fire inspection at all, that is to say the fire department did not recognize the production behavior of this unit, so it is impossible to include key units, and there is no public security fire control agency at the township or township level. Territorial jurisdiction Belong to the police station. The fire-monitors who are blamed may not even know that such a factory is in illicit production. However, the law pays attention to evidence. The procuratorate's evidence collection is not personal.

This is also a problem for many firefighters across the country because fire hazards are dynamic.

What if we innocently reason to the fire supervisor?

For example, in Dehui's case, the fire was caused by a leak and explosion. This is not a cause-and-effect relationship with the decoration materials, the key units, and the fire extinguishers. Fire Safety Training and Escape Drill This is the responsibility of the unit's safety officer and it also appears to have nothing to do with the fire supervisor.


Without the review of fire design and construction, and the issue of illegal construction before the 18th National Congress of the People's Republic of China, it seems commonplace for image projects, landmark projects, and performance projects to be carried out in various places. Local officials are required to attract investment, and to speed up construction progress, design and construction are carried out. The "three-side project" produced by both sides is a normal thing in every province. This kind of project that can bring GDP to the local area will be investigated and dealt with by the fire department, and it will be nothing. This is the status quo of the current year. The existence of this status is due to the firefighting force system.

What is the difference between the firefighting force system and other law enforcement agencies? The fire brigade is a military service system, and its staff funding is allocated by the state. The necessary funds for its equipment, vehicles, barracks, office, and so on are protected by the resident people's government. From this protection mode, due to the unbalanced development of the eastern and western regions, it also results in a huge gap between the equipment quality and life support of the fire brigade. In the central and western fire-fighting forces, from the top to the bottom of the brigade, the central task of the chief officials at all levels is to secure business expenses. Without money, it will not be able to guarantee the renewal and operation of vehicle equipment. "For money" will be subject to local officials at all levels of resident and finance, down to the clerk, up to the ground, city administrative officials. Locally introduced enterprises that can raise the GDP index, and administrative pressure from various sources are naturally coordinated by local officials. Therefore, this has caused the “trilateral” project, which cannot be stopped, penalized, closed, or shut down. This also results in the fact that the law of enforcement of fire protection is greater than the law.

These congenitally hidden dangers, when serious and catastrophic disasters occur, will become evidence of their presence in prosecutors public prosecution materials. The probability of such incidents is small, and supervisors in law enforcement will have chances. However, the occurrence of the incident has a great impact on supervisors engaged in fire prevention. If a good leader does not support strict law enforcement, the supervisor is like sitting on a dynamite bag. I do not know when he will be ruined. This is in recent years. One of the reasons why a large number of young firefighters are unwilling to change jobs in the army to local work.

For business or enterprises, the fire protection procedures are too difficult to handle. It is difficult for firefighters to make things difficult. It is caused by unreasonable regulations. The materials required for the approval and acceptance of fire design involve many departments such as urban construction, planning and design. The required materials are too difficult to handle. Because it is difficult to do so, the existence of false materials in our various types of audit files becomes inevitable, which in turn poses hidden dangers for accountability.

Why does this happen? In the process of urbanization throughout the country, there have been many problems with unclear legal boundaries, such as: urban villages, development zones, self-built houses on collective land, and small-property houses. These buildings have no planning procedures, and the planning procedures are fire inspections. The preconditions for acceptance and acceptance are intended to be responsible for the legitimacy of the construction. However, the construction is ahead of schedule and planning is lagging behind. As a result, these buildings may be markets, supermarkets, hospitals, warehouses, and dance halls. They cannot complete the examination and acceptance procedures and become illegal constructions. These buildings were originally agreed or acquiesced by local officials. Under pressure, fire protection supervisors can only use supervision and inspection procedures, laying a hidden danger for the responsibility of causing heavy and extraordinarily serious fire accidents.

Among the 10 necessary materials required to handle the “Fire Design Audit” , only the 10th and the fire design documents are related to the fire protection. The first 9 items are for the planning, design, construction and other units. Has become the neck section, the construction period is limited, driven by commercial interests, naturally caused the "first on the train, after the replacement ticket" facts.

Among the 14 materials that need to be provided in the "Fire Inspection and Acceptance of Construction Projects" , only the 12th automatic fire-fighting facility commissioning report is related to fire protection . The other 13 items are basically irrelevant to fire safety. The procedures for decoration, auditing, and pre-opening inspection of personnel-intensive places are complicated. These complex procedures that are not related to firefighting have caused difficulties for the fire department. It also caused conflicts between the fire department and social units. In other words, the company has installed the most advanced automatic fire extinguishing facilities in the world. However, you lack the “construction permit” or “planning procedure” issued by the construction department, etc., and it is impossible to do certification and practice qualifications that are not related to fire safety. In the case of firefighting procedures, firefighters are intangibly making shields for others and guarding gates for other supervisory agencies, and they have taken enormous legal responsibility. Closing the door of formal channels naturally opens a window for the corruption of individual fire cadres.


Then, those who give fire these special powers, so that fire protection personnel must bear the responsibility of the fire accident that should not have been assumed.

The mechanism, which we currently run from the point of view of the fire department, is a mechanism that guarantees the legality of the construction. From the perspective of the office unit, it is a mechanism that “doesn't take care of dogs”.

The formation of such a mechanism, viewed from the management level, is a residue of incomplete reforms in the process of transition from a planned economy to a market economy. This kind of residue is, from a certain point of view, the idea of ​​“official-level”. Work, take over rights, and not decentralize power. Even though it is not clear, what is the goal of our management, whether it is a manager or a pipe. This led us to determine the key units, the standards placed on good management, energy management, and management of units that can bring benefits to the individual, and really need to manage the management, too lazy to control, nobody. Nine small sites with frequent fire accidents belong to the police station. However, the work of the police is too complicated, resulting in no one to manage. No one asks. Most of these places are concentrated by vulnerable groups, which can easily result in group casualties. In the event of an accident, the responsibilities that should have been borne by the community or the neighborhood committee are also borne by the fire safety supervisor.

From the perspective of the number of fires and deaths, China's data is much lower than in developed countries. Although these data have some water, but from the overall analysis point of view, in the hard-fought efforts of firefighters, this has been very difficult. On the other hand, the reason why the data is not true is that the evaluation index system is not perfect and is formed unreasonably. The irrational evaluation system naturally causes the fire protection work to be passive.

For example, controlling the death of fires, starting fires, and investigating fire responsibilities are directional problems at the national level, and at the operational level, they become grounds for falsification. From the management point of view, effective management is hierarchical, and the popular point is that it is more important to manage the shepherd than to manage a sheep. At present, the model of our planned economy era is still in operation. We must insert everything in the fire management system and manage what we should not manage. We naturally assume responsibility that we should not undertake.


The country has been developing at a high speed, openness, notarization, and fair law enforcement atmosphere have been formed. The reform of the public security forces in active service has set out a timetable and whether this mechanism may change.

The purpose of the reform is to break the solidification of this kind of thinking, solidify the interests, solidify the stratum, and activate the vitality of the team.

After the country establishes the emergency management department, these problems may be solved. We can make a conjecture. For example, the current construction audit undertaken by the fire department may be submitted to the housing and construction department or the market agency to bear the relevant responsibilities, take the market-oriented management model, and make its responsibilities, rights, and interests symmetrical.

There are more serious traffic accidents each year than fire accidents in the country. Therefore, it is impossible to pursue the responsibility of the traffic police for the responsibility of the chasers. The responsibility of the vehicle manufacturers will not be pursued, and the responsibility of the highway traffic department will not be pursued. Major mass incidents will not be investigated. The responsibility of the public security department, in terms of enforcement power, is only the difference between the industries and there is no essential difference.

Because, in the fire safety management, there is the status quo of referees and athletes.

For example: to open a restaurant, formalities fire brigade to do, supervision is also a fire brigade, accidents must first check the fire brigade related personnel. However, the traffic police did not have this problem. The relevant procedures for vehicles on the road were issued by the vehicle management department. The traffic police only supervised and handled traffic accidents. Of course, a traffic accident that was out of the traffic police had nothing to do with the traffic police. From this comparison, the conclusion comes out: reforms, the ultimate goal is to simplify the functions and professionalization.

The fire system reform will also address the issue of the authenticity of the submitted data. For example, at present, data on the number of people killed and lost in fire, regardless of year-on-year ratios, or on a quarter-by-quarter basis, have moisture. Under the current mechanism, perishable people and fire damages are subject to annual indicators, linked to the work performance of the supervisors, and there are dead people at the scene of the fire. In most cases, they must be pushed into the safe production and are not included in the fire. Now that safety supervision and firefighting belong to the emergency department, it is impossible for the deceased person's data to report separately, and it is even more impossible to conceal and communicate with each other. The loss of fire will also be assessed by professional departments, and has nothing to do with fire.

In the reform of fire protection system, the purpose of dismantling power is to enhance its service to the people. Decentralization of power is an effective means of strengthening the sense of responsibility of social units. In a sense, it can be understood as the separation of defense and elimination. But this separation is only the end of the current fire safety management practices, unreasonable management methods. It is not divided into two fires.

In the future, fire prevention inspections will intensify efforts, but they will limit the law enforcement authority and cause major fire hazards. The fire prevention inspectors will submit them to the emergency department for enforcement of rectification, and the fire protection department will no longer participate in the one-stop procedures for closing, stopping, and penalizing. This is also the model that is generally operating in developed countries.

Social fire inspections involve more than 80% of all levels of fire leadership . After the firefighting and rescue work has become the independent department of the Ministry of Emergency Response, the firefighting administrators at various levels can be freed from the category of social responsibility, and they can do a good job in rescue work and improve the efficiency of the rescue.

"Comrades, pay close attention to reopening three meetings, advancing the meeting, scheduling meetings, and swearing-down meetings, must take a high-pressure situation, make every effort, take all law enforcement measures, and take measures to shut down and shut down all socially vulnerable units..."

The above passage is a speech often heard by fire fighters. Such remarks are in itself a reference to the power to interfere with the law. Then, after the fire reform, there will not be such a reference. I do not think there will be, because the fire work itself is a local authority, Henan burned a nursing home, and no relationship with other provinces. The implementation of emergency management is provincial-level plumbing, and China is too big. Each province has provincial emergency management priorities. A paddle ring punishes provinces for their practices. With the fire-fighting reform, it will surely become a thing of the past.

In the past, the fire protection work was very bovine and very important. From the standpoint of emergency management, fire safety is just one of many public safety management issues. It was only during these years that fire officials arrogantly believed that fire work was the most important task in the world and it was extremely important. It was imperative to ask the government what to do and what the government should accomplish. This made the government offices feel annoyed. Firefighting sent more papers than the government.

After the fire reform, the emergency department will, under the unified arrangements of the government, do a good job of all local safety work, fire control, extinguish the fire, and provide disaster relief.

More than ten years ago, the long-distance monitoring technology aiming at profitability was replaced by “wisdom firefighting” in the past two years. Its essence is that software developers abduct fire-fighting organizations and promote software to earn operation and maintenance fees. Low, spam data simply cannot form big data. Only by changing the management philosophy of the system into a service concept, intelligent fire protection will not be rejected and contradicted by social organizations. The value of the data needs to be maximized. The Alibaba Group has announced that it will fully enter the Internet of Things (IoT) industry. With the reform of the fire protection system, smart fire protection will become part of the smart city and serve the people free of charge.

In firefighting reform, the more important keyword than professionalism is specialization.

The reform is to break into a butterfly and revive it. Only in this way can the rescue team with the aim of supremacy of life be able to specialize in the new era.

Today, April 16, 2018, People's Republic of China formally Emergency Management Department, only this article, I wish: the great era of the great reform, more change, the better!

(This article is reproduced authorized, author: former deputy chief of Xinjiang Corps Dong, first published in 2018-04-16)

After the firefighting has been incorporated into the Emergency Management Department, as part of the big security, it is fundamental to fulfill the safety management responsibilities of the firefighting treasure as part of the safety. The unit cannot relax the fire safety at any time. Yijing Technology is willing to work with all parts of the country. Partners to build smart fire, sharing quiet beauty life.

Author: Li Dong.

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