Four key words for the development of the home furnishing industry in 2014 to explore the future


2013 has quietly gone through. This year, the home furnishing industry focused on transformation, involving markets, products, technology, operations and other aspects. Enterprises in the industry are actively busy with transformation, but they just want to maintain and enhance their competitiveness in order to go further in the market and live more moisturized. In response to the development trend of the home furnishing industry in 2014, we sorted out the seven key keywords of the home furnishing industry and explored the future development path.


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Keywords 1: Hardcover


Because of its advantages in energy conservation and environmental protection, coupled with the promotion of urbanization and consumption upgrades, the industrialization of fine decoration has been strongly supported by the state. In contrast, the home improvement market of individual customers is squeezed, which has become an important reason for home furnishing companies to move towards the hardcover market. Fine decoration is the development direction of the home improvement market in the future. Whether it is cooperating with real estate developers or facing ordinary residential users, home furnishing companies have set their sights on this piece of cake.


It is reported that the profit of fine decoration mainly comes from the volume, and the cost and construction period control are very strict. The amount of advances required by the decoration company is quite large. This requires the decoration company to be very strong in logistics and transportation, raw material procurement, and financial support, so it can afford home decoration. There are not many companies. At present, some home improvement companies are still focusing on launching packages to attract ordinary residents and consumers with hardcover needs.


Keywords two: service improvement


With the advent of the consumer era, consumers have put forward higher requirements for quality, service, and lifestyle. Many home furnishing industries have responded to the increase in this demand and have made a fuss about consumption and service. For the home furnishing industry in 2014, the most important thing is to increase the added value. Among them, on the one hand, we attach importance to design and increase the added value of products through design. On the other hand, it focuses on service. Many merchants have increased the warranty period of their products and provided free maintenance and other services to meet the maintenance needs of consumers.


Keywords three: norms


In order to solve the problem of home improvement, the relevant national departments and the industry association launched the "Quality Acceptance Standards for Residential Interior Decoration Engineering", "Quality Acceptance Standards for Family Room Decoration and Decoration 2013", "Code for Operating Services in the Household Industry" and "Guidelines for the Design of Indoor Wiring" Four major standards to regulate the quality, details and acceptance standards of home decoration construction.


At the same time, the preparation of the "Integrated Application Technical Regulations for Finely Decorated Kitchen Space" and "Integrated Application Technical Regulations for Finely Decorated Bathroom Space" in 2014 undoubtedly provided more detailed guarantees for consumers of fine decoration. These standards will not only promote the development of home furnishing industrialization, but also drive the development of building materials and home furnishing, and the entire building decoration industry chain will also be closely linked.


Keyword four: soft outfit


The home improvement market is increasingly popular to eat "soft" but not "hard", and the market layout is quietly changing. The concept of "heavy decoration and light decoration" in the home improvement industry is gradually popularized, and the delivery of refined decoration houses will become the future trend. The potential of the soft decoration market appears, but the domestic soft decoration market is still in the primary development stage. The lack of professional soft decoration design talents and other issues have yet to be resolved. It will take a long time for the soft decoration industry to transition from extensive operation to mature development.


Keyword five: package


Decoration is a complex process that takes a lot of time and effort, so various decoration packages came into being. Many decoration units combine the main building materials such as wooden doors, tiles, floors, paints, cabinets, sanitary ware, and basic decoration construction, and provide them to the owners. Saving money, time, and effort are their main advantages. However, because the current home improvement market is not standardized enough, many packages have many pitfalls, especially the owners who choose irregular small companies or guerrillas, often complaining.


The necessary additions have caused the inevitable result of overspending for many home improvement packages. The overspending is mainly concentrated on some unclear expenses and unclear main material brands and varieties. Experts suggest that you must be familiar with the entire process before renovation, especially for hidden projects, and carefully measure the water and electricity lines before signing the contract. The projects that may incur additional costs are clearly included in the contract.


Keyword six: personalized customization


The home improvement industry has experienced rapid development for more than 30 years, and the quality of home products and services has become the new pursuit of the younger generation of consumers. Under the regulation policy of the real estate market, young people's just needs have become the first consumption power. Beautiful, practical and versatile, it is the consumer taste of young people. Faced with such a group, innovation has become the key to the future success of home furnishing companies in the market, including innovations in products, services, marketing models, etc., to attract consumers with new things and new selling points. Personalized customized furniture products, e-commerce sales channels, and one-stop sales models, these products and models that meet the consumption habits and tastes of young people, are increasingly favored by home furnishing companies.


Keyword 7: Low carbon


In 2013, the trend of "low carbon" and "environmental protection" swept through the entire home furnishing industry in an instant. With the pursuit of consumers, home furnishing companies and businesses continued to exert low carbon and environmental protection, and this year it has been upgraded to a green and environmentally friendly "low carbon year". . No odor, zero formaldehyde ... A variety of environmentally friendly low-carbon household products enter the consumer's line of sight, walk into the owner's new home with a healthy life concept, and bring a green and environmentally friendly life to the citizens.


In recent years, well-known brand home improvement companies have paid more and more attention to environmental protection, but it is not ruled out that some companies use "environmental building materials" to steal the "environmental decoration" concept. Although environmental protection agreements have been signed, there is still a phenomenon that the indoor air quality after decoration is still not up to standard, especially It is mostly small and medium-sized decoration companies, guerrilla construction and consumers self-purchased building materials. The definition of environmental protection requirements in the new regulations will help promote the process of environmentally friendly home improvement.


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