How to really solve the anti-tailing?

The person in front of the card is legally swiped, the gate is opened, the card reader enters legally, and the person behind does not swipe the card and enters with the person in front. This is the trailing phenomenon. Some people deliberately followed, and some people accidentally followed. For example, when the card is swiped, the gate does not read the information, and the cardholder follows along, which is unintentional trailing. Regardless of whether it is intentional or not, users do not want to have a trailing phenomenon, and the gates need to be able to prevent tailing. In fact, it is very difficult to prevent the tailing of the gate.

The three-roller brake has the best anti-tailing effect. When each person passes the gate, the brake lever rotates once. The space between the two brake bars is limited, and it is not possible to crowd more people, at least to prevent unintentional followers. However, intentional followers can still use this space to squeeze in.

The wing gate's anti-tailing ability is worse. When two people close together and enter the gate, the gate operator mistakenly believes that this is a person. The principle of judging the number of gates is based on whether there is a gap between people.

The swing gate has a poorer anti-tailing ability, and the swing arm is slow, and can be squeezed in before closing the door. Of course, it is also possible to deceive the gates by using two people to closely arrange them.

The swing gate and wing gate should be designed to be truly anti-tailing, that is, to design a "two doors", first enter the first door, and judge the rear gate to open the second door. With such a design, the cost of the gate will be greatly increased.

Anti-tailing is a social issue and a management issue. It is very difficult to solve the gate alone. If you want to solve the trailing problem, there is also a way to reduce the efficiency. That is to set the yellow line area and open the distance between the current cardholder and the latter.

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