Imported timber prices will rise by 35% in solid wood furniture prices

Due to the rising price of imported timber, solid wood furniture will start to increase prices in recent days. Furniture dealers said they are not willing to raise prices, and raising prices in the face of market downturn will lead to further decline in sales. And many consumers said that they will not change their purchase plans because of the rise in the price of solid wood furniture.
On the 18th, Ms. Wu reflected that a set of solid wood furniture with a price of 5,800 yuan she saw on Red Star Macalline a month ago had already risen to 6,100 yuan on the 18th. Xiaobian visited Guiyang Red Star Macalline, Real Home, and Southwest Furniture City to learn that the rising cost of raw materials and labor costs has once again affected the furniture sales terminals, except for some manufacturers that have already signed supply agreements. In the short-term, the original price has remained unchanged. Some solid wood furniture brands have ushered in the second price increase this year, and the price increase range is around 3%~5%.
Xiaobian learned from Guizhou Timber Distribution Association that Southeast Asia, Africa, North America and Russia have always been China's main sources of timber imports, but under the combined effect of resource reduction, national policy restrictions, exchange rate and transportation costs. The price of wood has increased significantly compared to the previous two years. The rise in timber prices, coupled with the increasing purchase and transportation costs of the factory, has led to recent price increases for some solid wood furniture brands.
Xiao Bian roughly counted in the three large furniture stores visited. So far, at least three solid wood furniture brands have increased their prices, and six are preparing to raise prices in late June.
"Price increases are not necessarily good for us. Although we do not raise prices, profits will decrease after the cost increases. However, if the price rises in a bad market, it will also hurt consumer enthusiasm." Huang Youde, a local solid wood furniture agent of Kailong, said: "I only made a few orders this month, and I removed the rent, utilities, labor costs, and no profit at all." He said, but if the manufacturers want to raise prices, as agents And only follow the price increase.
However, in the interview, most consumers did not change the purchase plan because of the price increase of solid wood furniture. Li Yuan, a citizen who lives in Century City, said that it is not excluded that individual brands will alleviate the pressure of price increases by shoddy or cutting corners. Therefore, it is not possible to look at the price, but to recognize the brand and recognize the quality. (Source: Xiangfan Decoration Network)


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