Mobile Internet marketing has become a golden means for the development of furniture companies

Mobile Internet is an industry that combines Internet and mobile communications. It is an inevitable trend in the development of Internet technology and mobile network technology. It is also a natural extension of important Internet applications and mobile network applications. Since the number of mobile terminals is far more than the number of computers on the Internet, the Internet has developed into the era of mobile Internet. The 3G network has already covered the whole world, and the 4G network is also under construction. It is expected to cover most cities in China in a short time. With the rapid development of the mobile Internet, Dong Yangming, the general manager of Jiangyin Huangtu Yibao Furniture Firm, created the "Furniture Wholesale Mall" APP, which has played a good demonstration effect for the mobile online development of the furniture industry.

Faced with the rapid development speed of mobile Internet, countless companies want to catch the "mobile marketing" express in time. So what is the market potential of mobile Internet compared with the ascending traditional Internet? "Furniture wholesale mall" "App Dong Yangming said: The potential opportunity of mobile Internet is 14 times that of PC Internet. It is no exaggeration to say that mobile Internet marketing is bound to become the "golden means" of furniture business development opportunities.

"The mobile Internet has many differences from the traditional Internet. The mobile Internet is limited by the screen size of the mobile device, the user's attention is focused, and the user's location and behavior can be better positioned, and the use is more in line with the characteristics of time fragmentation of modern people. "For the furniture industry to develop a new field of 3G mobile Internet, experts in the industry are also optimistic. They pointed out that compared with the traditional offline development model, the biggest advantage of going online and 3G Internet is that they can get the most economic benefits through the lowest cost investment.

With the construction and continuous improvement of the Internet and 3G Internet network payment system, more and more consumers are keen to buy furniture products directly through the PC terminal website or mobile phone platform , opening up a new path for the furniture industry to develop the Internet and 3G mobile Internet, not only It can enable enterprises to reduce production costs and increase economic benefits, but it is also an inherent need for industry development. Because with the continuous development of the furniture industry, it is necessary to expand the industry capacity by opening up new markets, while alleviating the fierce competition in the industry, and promoting the information development and transformation and upgrading of the furniture industry.

In the face of increasingly fierce competition, many companies have begun to actively explore new markets for the Internet and 3G mobile Internet, and have achieved good economic benefits. Judging from the development status of the furniture wholesale mall APP, the Internet and 3G Internet have become a new blue ocean for the furniture industry.

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