Neo-classical furniture features how to match neo-classical style furniture

A single style can no longer meet the needs of modern people's decoration style. People try to combine various classical styles with modern styles to form various new styles in order to meet the aesthetic visual enjoyment of modern people. What are the characteristics of the neo-classical furniture after modern baptism? How should furniture in Europe be introduced to the characteristics of neo-classical furniture and how to match neo-classical furniture ?


Neo-classical style furniture features:

1, diversification. The design of neo-classical furniture combines the classical style with the modern spirit to present an eclectic and colorful appearance. In the design is not antique, not retro but the pursuit of similar.

2, simplification. The simple lines replace the complicated decorative methods of classical furniture, and modern materials and processing techniques are used to pursue the general outline features of traditional styles. For example, the meticulously reduced pattern is reduced, and the circularly winding curve is reduced, but the unique style of the furniture is outlined in a linear and simplistic manner. This is also a concentrated expression of neo-classical inheritance and innovation.


Neo-classical furniture with:

1, with space. In order to make the entire space look bold, it is necessary to maintain a sufficiently large scale when placing furniture, and to eliminate congestion as much as possible so that the European neo-classical style can be fully reflected.

2, color matching. European furniture can not use too many colors to match, with a similar tone. For example, the combination of red and brown, the combination of white and beige, reveals the natural elegance and intimate elegance.

3, with decoration. European-style decoration will generally use the corresponding decorations and furniture to match, such as wall lamps, art murals, European fruit plate, etc., can not be too much nor too simple, just the right modification is the best match, not only The characteristics of being able to set off furniture will also make the interior ocean overflow with an antique exotic feeling.

4, the overall effect. European neo-classical furniture in addition to its own beautiful, the most important emphasis on the overall decoration home improvement style, pay attention to style consistent, consistent style. If you do not coordinate with the interior decoration when you match the furniture, it will produce awkward visual feelings.

The neo-classical furniture, which absorbs the modern furniture design concept, is deeply loved by the consumers because of its characteristics of embracing the West, embracing durability, and never falling behind. Neo-classical furniture is a collection of traditional and modern design concepts, and the design model that focuses on deep-seated cultural heritage is the most typical feature of neo-classical furniture. The features of neo-classical style furniture are introduced here. For more information about furniture, you can follow the GO Home Information Channel.

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