New bicycle projector is convenient and compact and safe

Dynamic Technology According to the British "Mirror" reported that Azerbaijan Aynur Baba Aliyev product designers to create a bike projector, the image signal can be projected onto the back of the rider's way, thus ensuring the user's night ride Safety.

New bicycle projector is convenient and safe

The new product, called "Che Yi," is a relatively abstract product with an infrared projection lens on the front and a flattened back end. The overall look is very much like a sandwich. The website displayed pink, reddish brown, greenish green and golden shell colors. The lower part of the instrument is a black bracket for fixed installation behind the bicycle seat.
During riding, the projector can project symbols, words and pictures on the user's back. The user can configure the projector according to personal preference through the mobile application, and the projection content is determined according to the owner's next action, so that the driver can be warned before the owner's next action takes place. For example, when the car makes a major turn, the projector emits a finger icon or a turn icon.
Babayev said that "Che Yi" is suitable for most bicycle models, and it can be installed from British Van family bicycles to fitness mountain bikes. If the user feels that the projected traffic icon is outdated, he can also design his own, and can also use the mobile device application. In the future, it will also provide "Car Easy" covering the entire spectrum of colors, making it easy for riders to choose a projector that matches the car.
"Che Yi" has won the international red dot design award. Its function can be fully realized thanks to the dedicated chip inserted into the device. Most clothing colors do not affect the effect of infrared projection, but the effect of long-term use has not been measured. Given that projectors and mobile phones are very power-hungry when connected via Bluetooth, it may be more practical to co-list together with compact ride-on-power devices. (Original title: Projector Makes Night Road Bike Safer)

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