[Reminder] Do not forget to make rules for custom furniture to prevent product returns

In recent years, in order to impress consumers, developers often launch “imaginative room types”, but existing finished furniture often does not meet the requirements of the public; and some consumers pursue individuality and “don't look” at traditional furniture. Under the influence of various factors, the “customized furniture” market in the island city has risen and developed rapidly. However, most of the manufacturers that undertake the custom furniture business are small in scale, the quality of the products is difficult to guarantee, and the customized furniture lacks uniform national standards and industry standards. Once consumer disputes arise, consumers are faced with the problem of difficult returns.
At the beginning of October, when the public selected Ms. Sun, she found that the wardrobe in the furniture store was too big, occupied too many bedroom places, or was too popular, and did not match the decoration style of her home. Finally, Ms. Sun made a small order. Wardrobe. "Customized furniture can be added to your own thinking, and there will be no situation of colliding with other people's furniture." Ms. Sun said.
It is understood that in recent years, due to the continuous emergence of new types of real estate, the more and more diversified decoration styles, the individualized demand of consumers is expanding, and “customized furniture” is gradually becoming popular and has begun to occupy a place in the market. On December 1, the reporter visited a number of shopping malls in Dunhua Road and Zhenjiang North Road. Although some large manufacturers did not provide customized furniture services, most of the smaller southern manufacturers have already started this business. Taking Haibo Home City as an example, half of the first floor stores provide customized furniture services. The range of customized furniture has gradually expanded from the original wardrobe to sofas, beds, bookcases, tables and chairs.
Large enterprises are reluctant to pick up such businesses and custom-made furniture has begun to emerge in the market, but there are also many problems. Shan Qingchuan, head of the Qingdao Furniture Association, said that the process required for furniture production is more complicated. The small-volume production method of custom-made furniture is a challenge for enterprises, and they have higher technical requirements and management requirements. “The big production companies are still only willing to mass production, and most of them are not willing to undertake the custom furniture business.” Shan Qingchuan said. Customized furniture can make the owners worry a lot, have a certain market demand, but this kind of scattered orders bring low profits to the company, sometimes even lose money, big companies are not suitable to undertake such business, small workshops of hand workshop mode It has certain advantages in the custom furniture business. "But the design capabilities and craftsmanship of these small manufacturers will not be very high, and the quality of customized furniture is difficult to guarantee." Shan Qingchuan said.
Lack of standard returns into a problem If the goods purchased have problems in terms of quality, consumers can choose to return, but this right does not work in the custom furniture market. “We can undertake custom-made furniture business, but the price is usually 20% higher, at least 15% higher, and the full payment is delivered in advance. Once the agreement is signed, it will not be returned.” Ms. Meng, the person in charge of a store in Dunhua Road, said. Customized furniture is very thin, once the return will definitely lose money, and the customized furniture is a personalized product, once returned, it is equal to scrap, can not be sold again, if there is a certain problem, the merchant will choose to "let" a part of the money To solve the problem.
Shan Qingchuan said that in recent years, more and more consumers have chosen to order custom furniture, and they often receive reflections in this regard. Recently, a citizen of Li Village went to a certain company to make a coffee table. Later, he found that the finished product did not match the original plate. The citizen wanted to return the goods. The company did not agree. Finally, under the mediation of their association, the company “gave” a part of the money. Only then.
Shan Qingchuan said that due to the lack of uniform national standards and industry standards for custom-made furniture, there is no “ruler” to deal with consumer disputes, and it is more troublesome to solve. "It is best for both parties to sign an agreement to make detailed arrangements on the size, price and material of the furniture. Once a party defaults, the other party can defend its rights and interests according to the agreement." Shan Qingchuan said.

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