Security engineering supervision duties

Security engineering supervision duties are diverse, so what role do they play in engineering construction? Mainly can be distinguished from the following aspects:

  Quality control is the focus of security engineering construction. It runs through the entire security engineering construction phase and may even be extended to the design and commissioning phase. First of all, the construction plan should be reviewed in detail in the early stage, especially in the selection of equipment. Secondly, rigorous testing of the access equipment, including appearance test, power-on test, and verification of equipment quality certification materials. Third, focus on key processes, such as camera installation, cable testing, and so on. Finally, test equipment is used to enhance testing, such as fiber optic cable testing, functional testing, land rent testing, and image quality testing.

The progress control of the security project refers to the implementation of the approved project schedule in the construction process of the security project. The appropriate method is used to regularly track and check the actual progress of the project, and compare with the planned progress to find out the relationship between the two. The deviation, and analyze and evaluate the various factors that cause deviation and the degree of impact on the project objectives, and organize, guide, coordinate, supervise the supervision unit, contractor and related units to take effective measures to adjust the project schedule in a timely manner. In the execution of the project schedule, the cycle is repeated until the set deadline (project completion) is completed on schedule as scheduled, or completed in advance under the conditions of ensuring the quality of the project and not increasing the project cost.

In the supervision of security engineering, not only the feasibility study should be carried out in the early stage of construction, but also the reference opinion of investment decision should be provided to Party A; and the amount of engineering should be carefully calculated in the implementation stage. Supervisors should carefully verify the amount of work completed by the construction party; strictly implement the progress visa and claim control mechanism for visas and quotations related to post-decoration and decoration, equipment changes, etc. In addition, equipment procurement costs occupy a considerable part in the construction of security projects. The proportion of controlling procurement costs is an important part of effective investment control. The supervisors also need to verify the quotation and construction process of the construction party by understanding the product performance, price, order period, construction process, etc. In the process of supervision, the supervisors shall inquire and verify the products, and at the same time, review the final accounts of the project at the completion stage of the project.

        Implementing overall change control is the process of reviewing all change requests, approving changes, and managing changes to deliverables, organizational process assets, project documents, and project management plans.

And the coordination of contract management, information, security and the relationship between the construction unit and the contractor.

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