Strong cold air continues to affect Weihai's impact on agricultural production

    In recent days, cold air has continued to affect Weihai, and there has been mild icing in the Rushan Sea. Then, will this cold air adversely affect the breeding industry, agriculture, seedlings and flowers in Weihai? In this regard, the reporters were divided into multiple visits.

    Aquaculture has little impact

    Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Marine Environment Monitoring Center of the Municipal Ocean and Fisheries Bureau that the cooling weather had little impact on the aquaculture industry such as offshore aquaculture and indoor aquaculture.

    According to the prediction of the staff of the Marine Environment Monitoring Center of the Municipal Ocean and Fisheries Bureau, despite the impact of cold air, the city will not have a more serious ice situation in the near future. As of 3 pm yesterday , the relevant departments of the city have not received reports of damage to marine aquaculture and indoor breeding.

    "If the temperature is lowered, the sea cucumber is basically inactive. So far, the seawater has not frozen, so it will not affect the pond." Mr. Li, a sea cucumber farmer, said. According to Mr. Gong, who is breeding indoor seedlings and fry, the cold weather in the past two days has little effect on indoor farming.

    Tea tree fruit trees will not be frostbitten

    Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Municipal Agricultural Technology Extension Station and the Fruit Tree Tea Workstation that the cooling effect on the growth of tea trees and fruit trees in the city was not obvious.

According to the staff of the fruit tree tea workstation, although the cold tolerance of tea trees and fig trees is relatively weak, it is not the growth period of tea trees. As long as tea farmers do daily protection, there will be no major problems. The low temperature in winter has little effect on the fig tree, and the spring "cold spring" may cause the fig tree to reduce production.

    Liu Jian, manager of the Weide Mountain Tea Farm in Rongcheng City, told the reporter that although the temperature is a bit low in recent days, it will not cause much harm to the growth of tea trees.

In addition, the reporter learned from the fig tree growers such as Yangjiatai, which was parked in the town and Fenglin Street Office, in the face of cooling, the farmers were relatively calm, and they still carried out daily management of the fruit trees, and did not take special measures.

    Green seedlings grow normally

    Yesterday, the reporter learned from the city garden department that before the arrival of the winter, the garden department had already done a good job of plant cold protection measures in advance, mainly to set up windproof barriers, wrapped trunks and branches, roots for soil cultivation, organic fertilizer application, watering and antifreeze water, etc. The measures to carry out the cold and warmth of the seedlings, despite the low temperature weather, the current urban landscape plant growth is normal.

    "We are mainly responsible for the maintenance of gardens, green spaces and seedlings on the roads within the jurisdiction. At present, the cooling has no major impact on the seedlings, mainly depending on the cold protection work." The relevant person in charge of the Huancui District Garden Bureau told the reporter that they were The flowering shrubs with low columnarity and poor cold resistance such as sea paulownia and rose are used to protect the cold of the roots, and wind barriers are set for the cold-tolerant, drought-tolerant and wind-resistant trees of sweet-scented osmanthus and winter-resistant, and it seems that these cold-proof work The effect is very good and the seedlings grow normally.

    Greenhouse flowers and cold protection measures are in place

    It is understood that flowers that are particularly sensitive to temperature changes, such as phalaenopsis, alum, pineapple, etc., are also not affected by the cold air. This mainly depends on the relevant departments to do a good job in winter protection measures.

    Yesterday, the reporter came to a flower greenhouse in the district to see that the flowers here are quite good. The relevant person in charge of the base introduced that all the insulation measures were prepared before the winter, and the extreme weather was met at any time to ensure the normal growth of flowers.

    The person in charge of the base said that they cleaned the dust and dirt on the shed film every day, increased the light and increased the temperature of the shed. Appropriate application of organic fertilizer and phosphorus and potassium fertilizer not only provides nutrients for flowers, but also enhances the ability of flowers to resist freezing.

    According to the forecast of the city meteorological department yesterday, the temperature in our city will pick up from today. (Reporter Li Qiang Wang Yiyao Bu Shanshan Li Lin)

Source: Weihai Evening News·Weihai News Net



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