Suijun district officers and men overhaul gas masks

A few days ago, in the depths of the Taihang Mountains, the wind was extremely cold.

Liu Xinquan, the commander of the Hebei Military Command Division, saw the camping tents built by the various units pass through, and smiled on his face. Take the split, split the ride, many units were "torque" several times.

At 1 a.m., a harsh emergency whistle pierced the night sky. The officers and men awakened in their dreams quickly carried their outfits in the blaze of darkness and asked for weapons. The writer noticed that from the whistle to the gathering, officers and men took less than three minutes. “Tossing everyone up is to correct the improper heating methods of individual units.” Wang Xudong, a training staff member, said loudly in front of the team.

The military zoning exercises winter zippers year after year. Taking into account the hardships of the road, it is generally arranged to concentrate on finding problems after the end of the mission. There have been new changes this year. “Training with problems, looking for problems in training; searching the same day for the same night to prevent the problem from escaping the night.” On the way of zippering, I have heard the leaders of the military subregion more than once.

In the zipper training exercise, the military sub-district also allowed the ministers of its 19 individual military departments to take turns as “directors” to improve their command ability while testing their fraternal units. At the scene, the author saw that when a minister of the armed forces was disposing of the situation, he quickly looked for help from the staff around him and the command and preparations were in disorder. The tune-up group immediately pointed out the problem and made the minister blush.

"The training field is not true, the battlefield will defeat the battle." Military District Political Commissar Liu Laoqun told the author that after each day's training subjects, all units promptly organized a summary, summed up the experience and lessons, one by one through the screen to check the problem. Some individual participating militiamen have this view: "The provincial military region leaders can no longer see the pictures in the tents in the evening. We don't need to compare ourselves with ourselves." In response, each of the leaders of the armed forces led the team to correct in a timely manner and made it clear that "it is not always true." "War will bleed".

Because they have opened the door to listen to and open the skylight, they have found more than 30 questions on the way, such as commanding the old routine, wearing casual clothes and caps. The leaders of the military sub-district did not disperse these problems and organized personnel to correct them overnight. The author saw along the way, small to the day-to-day cultivation, large command exercises, thorough solutions to problems, and tight tensions for everyone.

The author with the director's department all the way, in the drill quickly through the "enemy" to poison the zone subjects, the military division chief of staff Yan even called the driver stopped the car, stopped several people who are running the military cadres, see the anti-virus surface has no Runaway air leaks. Unexpectedly, I dropped it after a moment...

That night, the training department put together the military chief of each military department to conduct training and overhaul the gas masks that were carried overnight. Some officers and men lamented that this zipper exercise had a taste of fighting.

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