The weather is confusing: Why does the hail that comes quickly and fast happen in the summer?

Hail is a common meteorological disaster in China. It not only has a strong destructive power, but also “goes faster and faster”, and the forecast is difficult. Many people have such doubts about the hail, the summer weather is very hot, why is there a hail?
Let us first see how the hail is formed. According to the Southern Network, hail is a strong convective weather phenomenon, often accompanied by strong thunderstorms. In the development of strong convective clouds, the height of the cloud top can reach more than 10,000 meters, and the temperature there is minus 30~40 °C. The ascending airflow in the cloud continuously sends the water droplets growing in the lower part of the cloud to the middle of the cloud to become supercooled water droplets. The sinking airflow in the cloud can bring the upper ice crystals and snowflakes to the middle, and the supercooled water droplets collide with the ice crystals to form the hail. Core. The hail nucleus rises, moves, and increases with the ascending and sinking airflows in the 0°C layer of the cloud, and grows larger and larger like a “snowball”. When the ascending airflow can no longer hold the ever-increasing hail, it falls. Go to the ground to form the hail we see.
So why do you have hail in the hot summer? According to China Jiangsu Network, meteorological experts explained that hail is originally a kind of severe weather in spring and summer, and it is also a kind of strong convective weather, although the probability of occurrence is much smaller than lightning, strong wind, short-term heavy rainfall, etc. But it is also normal. Although the summer temperature is high, the temperature at high altitude is still below zero, and the hot air current containing a large amount of water vapor rapidly rises to the upper air, and the cooling turns into water droplets and turns into ice beads. The hail is produced during the convective movement of cumulonimbus clouds and strong air. The winter air is relatively stable. The upper and lower "airflow difference" is not as large as summer. The vertical convection of air is not strong in summer, so it is not easy to form hail.
The hail is strong and strong, and it is often accompanied by winds such as squally winds and heavy precipitation, and the hail will cause certain damage. So what do we do when we encounter the hail weather? Hebei News Network gives the following suggestions: Old people, children should not go out and stay at home; properly place outdoor items that are susceptible to hail; if outdoors, use rain gear or other substitutes to protect the head and transfer to a safe place as soon as possible Temporary avoidance, while remembering the emergency flood control - "When you come to the wind, the wind will turn your head", so as not to be hurt by the hail; don't enter isolated shacks, booths, etc. or stand under the big tree; Keep away from lighting lines, high voltage wires and transformers to prevent electric shock.
If you are driving when you are hail, you should reduce the speed and slow down the impact of the hail and the vehicle; park the vehicle in the nearby underground parking lot as soon as possible; if there is no garage, try to enter the shelter, but do not stop under the tree; outdoor parking When you avoid the hail, you should turn on the double flashing light. When it is dark, turn on the width light to remind the rear vehicle.

The Zoom Bullet Camera means that the Zoom Bullet Camera/ Zoom Bullet Network Camera/ Waterproof Zoom Bullet Cameras/ Zoom Bullet Camera CCTV/ Zoom Bullet Surveillance Cameras/Infrared Bullet Zoom Cameras belongs to not only the Zoom Camera but also the Bullet camera. We have introduced the basic features of the Bullet Camera before, so this time let me introduce the maintenance skills of the Bullet Camera(including th Zoom Bullet Camera)for you. 

The maintenance skills of the Zoom Bullet Camera

1. The basic conditions to maintain the Zoom Bullet Camera
The basic maintenance conditions required for the normal equipment maintenance of the Zoom Bullet Camera 
system are the "four complete". That is, the complete spare parts, complete accessories, complete tools, and 
complete instruments.

1) Complete spare parts
Generally speaking, the corresponding spare parts library(which mainly stores some important equipment that is not easy to repair immediately after damage, such as the Bullet Cameras , lenses, monitors, etc.) must be established for the the maintenance of each system. Once these equipment fails, the system may not operate normally and must be replaced in time. Therefore, a certain number of spare parts must be available, and the inventory of the spare parts library must be continuously updated according to the repairability of the equipment and the characteristics of the operating cycle of the equipment.

2) Complete accessories
Accessories are mainly the additional configuration of the various discrete components and modules in the equipment, which are mainly used for equipment maintenance and to prepare more accessories would be better. The commonly used accessories mainly include various integrated circuit chips and circuit discrete components, required by the circuit. Other larger equipment must be equipped with the certain functional modules for the emergency use. In this way,  a lot of expenses for updating equipment can be saved with a small investment.

3) complete tools and testing instruments
The Zoom Bullet Camera must be equipped with the common maintenance tools and inspection equipment, such as various pliers, screwdrivers, electric test pens, electric soldering irons, adhesive tape, multimeters, oscilloscopes, etc. If necessary, the user should also make some testing tool such as the simulated load.

2. The specific maintenance skills of the Zoom Bullet Camera 

1) Dust and clean the equipment once a quarter to ensure the normal operation of the machine. Meanwhile, check the ventilation, heat dissipation, dust removal, power supply and other facilities of the monitoring room. The outdoor temperature should be -20℃~+60℃, the relative humidity should be 10%~100%; the indoor temperature should be controlled at +5℃~+35℃, and the relative humidity should be controlled at 10%~80%, make the monitoring equipment in a good operating environment.

2) According to the instructions of each part of the Zoom Bullet Camera system, check the technical parameters and the quality of the transmission line of the monitoring system every month, handle the hidden troubles, and assist the monitoring supervisor to set the various data, to ensure the good condition and normal operation of this equipment' each part' functions.

3) Thoroughly inspect the parts of the Zoom Bullet Camera equipment that are prone to aging once a month. Once the aging phenomenon is found, it should be replaced and repaired in time, such as the video head.

4) Maintain the monitoring equipment that works for a long time regularly once a month.

5) Monitor the operation of the Zoom Bullet Camera system and equipment, analyze the operation, find and 

troubleshoot in time. 

6) Optimize the Zoom Bullet Camera system and equipment regularly every month.

7) Provide the monthly regular information service: for example, on the first working day of each month, last month's repair and maintenance records should be submitted to the person in charge of the monitoring center, in the form of electronic files.

Zoom Bullet Camera
All in all, hope the maintenance skills introduced today can be helpful to the Zoom Bullet Camera users. 

Zoom Bullet Camera

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