Tips for buying a tunnel dryer

When everyone buys a dryer, is there any confusion and I don't know how to choose it? So today Xiao Bian gave you a detailed introduction:
First, choose the tunnel dryer first material to be heavy, so it is more conducive to prolong the service life, and then look at his inner, the inner structure is the key, carefully look carefully, details do not understand the local technical staff to analyze and answer for you, drying The initial drying force of the machine is larger, and the temperature of the drying medium decreases as the temperature of the material increases. Particularly suitable for the physics of the final moisture content (ie, the degree of drying) is not high. The temperature of the discharged dry material is low and it is easy to transport.
Second, from the point of view of dust generation, fine materials are easily taken away by the air flow and the amount of dust is large. Counter-flow drying In the drying process, the drying driving force is uniform, and it is suitable for the drying of the dried materials. The dust contained in the drying medium is filtered through the wet material area, and the dust content in the air stream is small. The specific choice of the dryer depends on the final requirements of the material to be dried.
Third, when choosing a high-quality dryer, first determine the moisture content of the material that you have dried. How much water does it need to reach after drying? According to our drying materials, we can choose the drying and drying equipment that is suitable for you. At the same time, we can't neglect your site area and your civil engineering investment.
We hope that everyone will know about the industrial dryers. If you want to know more about the characteristics of the multi-layer dryers, you can log in the Qincheng Machinery Equipment Factory and consult a professional.

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