What's good for kitchen floor tiles: The best way to use floor tiles is to use the “dry shop” method.

The kitchen is a "fire and heat compatible place," and any material used in kitchen decoration must take this into consideration. Floor tiles on the kitchen floor are the wisest choices. So, what's good for kitchen floor tiles ? What are the skills for kitchen floor tiles? The first choice for the kitchen renovation wall tiles is smooth glazed tiles, which are very easy to clean and can be decorated with different decorative effects with the owner's preference. Floor tile material is best to choose a matte surface, to prevent the kitchen soup water slippery, select the floor tiles should not be overlooked non-slip. If you have needs in this area, we might as well come with me together to understand what a good kitchen tiles with it!

Floor tiles classification

There are many varieties of floor tiles, and there is plenty of room to choose from. The materials can be divided into glazed tiles and bricks.

(Non-slip tiles), polished tiles, vitrified tiles, etc. A floor covering material. Made of clay. A variety of specifications. Hard, small weight, pressure wear, moisture. After glazed treatment, play a decorative role. Mostly used for floors and floors of public buildings and civil buildings.

As a floor material laid on a large area, the floor tile uses its own color and texture to create a different style of living room environment. The types of bricks in the market are complete, and you can choose your brand according to your own budget and preferences, and choose the appropriate style of floor tiles according to the style of your home. The bright and colorful glass tiles decorate the modern home life, and the calm ancient glazed tiles complement each other in Chinese and European style rooms. The mosaic of different materials and different splicing applications add 10,000 kinds of styles to the living room, and the creativity is novel and the temperament is good. Tiles also played a finishing touch.

Uses: Suitable for squares, living rooms, bathrooms, balconies, shopping malls, office buildings, residential and so on.

There are three types of floor tiles: glazed tiles, porcelain tiles, and parquet tiles.

Glazed tiles

Glazed tiles are glazed tiles with a water absorption of 3% to 10%.

Material: Clay, quartz, feldspar fired.

Production process: the production process is generally selected materials, ingredients, crushing, sinking, spray drying, compaction molding, drying, glazing, sintering, inspection and packaging steps.

Formula: Number of required = total area / length of tile / width of tile

Porcelain brick

Porcelain tiles are tiles with a water absorption of less than 0.5%.

Material: Clay, quartz, feldspar fired.

Production process: The production process is generally selected materials, ingredients, crushed, sinking, spray drying, compaction molding, drying, sintering, inspection and packaging steps.

Formula: Number of required = total area / length of tile / width of tile


Mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles are tiles that are made by burning and then assembled into various patterns to decorate them.

Material: Clay, quartz, feldspar fired.

Production process: The production process is generally selected materials, ingredients, crushed, sinking, spray drying, compaction molding, drying, sintering, cutting, inspection and packaging steps.

Whole brick

Many people misunderstand the concept of bricks, which should start with the production process of ceramic tiles. In the production process of ceramic tile, there is a process called “fabric”, that is, the ceramic powder is evenly distributed on the pressure backup table of the press. After the cloth processing is completed, the powder is pressed into a brick by a large-tonnage ceramic press. The embryos are finally burned into tiles through the kiln.

The so-called brick is the same kind of powder that is distributed in the pressure backup table of the press during the cloth processing process. After firing, the ceramic tile has the same pattern from the bottom to the surface and the same color.

Contrary to the whole body tile is the "secondary fabric" tile, that is, in the fabric process, first cloth a base material, and then in the cloth above the fabric layer material, and then through the ceramic press molding. The purpose of this is to reduce the production cost of the tiles. For example, in the production of white tiles, because of the high price of white powder, ordinary ash can be used as a base material, which can save more than half of the expensive powder. As long as you look at the side of this tile, you can find that the powder is divided into two layers. The surface of the bricks are not glazed, and the material and color of the front and back surfaces are the same. Whole brick is a kind of wear-resistant brick, although there are other varieties such as osmotic brick, but relatively speaking, its color is less than glazed tile. Due to the fact that interior design is more and more inclined to plain design, body bricks are becoming more and more fashionable and are widely used on the grounds of renovation projects such as halls, aisles, and outdoor walkways; generally less will be used for walls. Most non-slip bricks are all bricks.

Polished tiles

The polished brick is a kind of bright brick that has been polished on the surface of the whole brick body and belongs to a kind of whole body brick. Relative to bricks, the surface of the polished tile should be bright and clean. Polished tiles are hard and durable and are suitable for use in most indoor spaces except the restrooms and kitchens. Based on the application of the infiltration technology, the polished tiles can make various kinds of imitated stone and wood effect. Polishing bricks leave bumps in their pores, which can contaminate them. Even some of the tea falls on the polished tiles. Perhaps the industry is aware of this, and later some good-quality polished tiles have been coated with an anti-fouling layer at the factory, but this anti-fouling layer has also caused the tiles to lose the effect of bricks. If you want to continue the whole body, you have to continue to brush the antifouling layer. In the decoration industry, water wax is applied before construction to prevent sticking.

Glass tiles

In order to solve the easy-to-dirt problem of polished tiles, a vitrified tile has emerged. Vitrified tiles are actually full tiles. The surface is smooth but does not require polishing, so there is no problem with polishing the pores. Vitrified tiles are a kind of reinforced polished tiles, which are fired at high temperature and are harder and more durable than polished tiles. There is no doubt that its price is also higher. Vitrified tiles are mainly used for floor tiles.


Mosaic's volume is the smallest of all kinds of tiles, commonly known as block bricks. Mosaic gives people a feeling of nostalgia, and is the material used to decorate the walls and grounds in the 1990s. There may be many changes in the combination of mosaics. For example, in a plane, there may be multiple expression methods: abstract patterns, color jumps or transitions in the same color, patterns and other decorative materials such as tiles, and so on. For room surfaces or corners, glass mosaics are more capable of displaying the features of their small build and can cover the bread bread smoothly and completely. Mosaics are generally divided into ceramic mosaics, glass mosaics, molten glass mosaics, sintered glass mosaics, and Venus glass mosaics. In addition to squares, mosaics also have rectangular and irregular varieties.


What is good for kitchen floor tiles

One of the examples of kitchen floor color matching: black and white kitchen

The white-based kitchen presents a clean and bright feeling. It uses gray floor tiles to create a simple and calm effect. The black and white color of the kitchen floor tiles is more suitable for people who prefer quiet and cleanliness.

Example of Kitchen Floor Tile Color Matching: Calm Cool Kitchen

Because the kitchen is often in a state of high temperature, the use of cool-colored floor tiles can give people a very cool feeling.

The more suitable kitchen floor tiles are dark blue and not easy to soil, giving people a feeling of peace. Blue is the best color to adjust mood.

Three examples of kitchen floor color matching: kitchen floor tiles bogey color is too bright

Warm kitchens often require extra care when choosing kitchen floor tiles. Too bright kitchen tiles can give people a feeling of depression.

Example of Kitchen Floor Tile Color Matching: Kitchen Floor Tiles

The choice of kitchen decoration tile style should be simple and clean, the pattern should be plain and generous, make people feel clean and clear, appropriate tiles decorated with a few tiles, the pattern of relatively large color contrast, can create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

Five examples of kitchen floor color matching: Kitchen tiles should be matched with cabinets

Before selecting the kitchen tile, you should first select the cabinet and the matching ceiling, and then buy the tiles according to their style and color. Try to buy one foot at a time so that it can be used together. In addition, it should be noted that kitchen tiles should not be used on the walls. Wall tiles used on the ground will absorb too much water and are difficult to clean. Kitchen and bathroom space wall tiles should not be mixed.

Editor's summary: The above is what the kitchen floor tiles use a good warm Tips: floor tile shop is best to use the "dry shop" method related to the introduction, the kitchen floor tiles only play a role in depository, the general choice of cool colors or light colors, too dazzling will make a difference . If the pursuit of a unified visual effect, the color of the kitchen tiles and the cabinet are the same color system, the color contrast is not great, complement each other. For more information, please continue to follow our website!

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