What are the types of ceiling ceilings

Modern home decoration more and more people will choose the ceiling for the living room, because the top slightly under the decoration, will play a role in stretching space, making the living room more spacious and bright, especially the small-sized living room is very Be applicable. So, what is the ceiling in the end ? What are the types of ceiling decoration? Let's let Xiao Bian talk to you.

1, what is the ceiling

What is a suspended ceiling? The so-called suspended ceiling refers to the decoration of the top of the house, that is, a slight decoration of the ceiling, occupying an important position in the decoration of the entire room. It is understood that the ceiling can not only beautify the interior space, but also create a rich and colorful art atmosphere. In addition, it also has the functions of insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation and sound absorption, and it is also a hidden layer of electrical, communications and fire protection projects. What are the types of ceiling decoration? Then look down.

2. Types of ceiling decoration

a. Plane suspended ceiling

This style of ceiling is the ceiling surface will not be any modeling and level design, flat, concise, generous, mainly used to splicing all kinds of plates, but the surface will be brushing some pulp, spray some paint and so on. Of course, natural selection is also a lot of savings, and it is suitable for all kinds of bedroom ceiling decoration.

b. concave and convex ceiling

The surface of the ceiling is treated with a concave or convex construction. This style of ceiling will be more complicated but rich. In general, concave and convex ceilings are often decorated with ceiling lamps, chandeliers and other types of lamps. In addition to the living room, it also applies to corridors and other locations.

c. Well format suspended ceiling

This is a type of ceiling that is created using a well character and will be decorated with a light fixture or a variety of decorative lines. Through the enrichment of the ceiling moldings, another reasonable division of the living room was carried out.

d. Glass suspended ceiling

This type of ceiling is mainly made of glass material, which makes the space more spacious and bright, and can also play a role in improving the lighting and beautifying the environment. The glass type can be used in various forms such as a dome, a flat top, and a folding top to give people a sense of sight in the interior.

Xiaobian conclusion: The above is what is the description of what is the type of ceiling and ceiling decoration, after reading all the above, we should have a more advanced understanding of the ceiling it. However, when decorating the ceiling, it is best to ask professionals to operate, and then combined with their own inner ideas to decorate and design, so that the results will only make you satisfied.

What is ceiling

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