What kind of development and changes will the home furnishing industry show in 2014?


Throughout 2013, the home furnishing industry was generally in a period of deepening adjustment: corporate transformation has accelerated significantly, new product development cycles have accelerated, bad companies have been eliminated, old companies are facing reform and innovation, and sales in second- and third-tier cities and emerging markets are far better than in first-tier cities. On the whole, 2013 was better than 2012 in all aspects. So what kind of development and changes will the home furnishing industry show in the next 2014?


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Custom furniture will focus on eruption


According to statistics from authoritative organizations, the domestic furniture market exceeded RMB 1 trillion in 2013, and it has been ranked first in the world.


Although the share of custom-made furniture only accounted for 10% of the overall furniture market in 2013, the market size of 100 billion yuan may become another thriving industry in the furniture market. At present, the main customization is the integrated home, which is also the so-called "big home" concept. In addition to providing conventional products, furniture manufacturers have also extended to cabinets, custom-made cloakrooms, storage cabinets, and accessories and soft decoration. Building materials vendors seem to be more inclined to propose the concept of whole-house customization, not only providing traditional doors, cabinets, and wardrobes. , Staircases, floors, and more deeply into the idea of ​​furniture, this is especially reflected in the solid wood custom manufacturers.


Customization satisfies the difference in the space used by the furniture and the differences in the personal needs of users, and it is becoming a distinguished symbol because it is more suitable. In the past, many people thought that only people with money can use this kind of "small pot stove". This situation is changing. Especially as more and more 80s join the new house decoration family, personalized demand has become The first request for decoration. Customized furniture has become the favorite of young people who pay attention to quality and style, and its important characteristics are the sensitivity to price and the focus on design.


"Terminal forward" and "different industry alliances" have always been effective means of marketing for some furniture companies. Customization has become a major trend and is consistent with the international situation. The formation of the scale of custom-made soft decoration in Shenzhen Baoan North Road area actually confirms this fact. Of course, there are also different voices for customization. Some people think that customization is not suitable for large-scale mechanized production. There may be such problems in customization. It is difficult for customization to buy reliable products from big brands, but some people think that with customization The increase in standardization and branding is not a problem.


On the other hand, we also see that the road to customization of production enterprises is not so easy. Ordinary enterprises need to enhance the equipment of customized professional teams (including production, design, measurement, consulting, etc.) to transform customized enterprises or add customized projects. And strengthen professional team awareness. The team's experience and combat effectiveness determine the development of customized companies, each of which varies from person to person.


Furniture manufacturers vigorously deploy e-commerce


If a few years ago, the "furniture e-commerce" is still in the "talk more and less" stage, then these two years have been "jumping", several big-name furniture companies in the 2013 e-commerce war divided into "one Huai Xuan. " Although there are still many problems related to furniture e-commerce, it is inevitable that these problems will be solved with the increase of investment in furniture e-commerce. At present, many furniture companies are also in the layout of e-commerce, such as Shenzhen Huasen Furniture, Haosen Furniture, Hong Kong Yixing Furniture, Fuxinglong Furniture and Carson Furniture are some representatives.


It's too early for e-commerce to comment on whether home is a "catalyst" or a "poison." Shortly after the end of the "Double Eleven", some data show that the refund rate of some of the top brands on the Internet remains high, reaching a maximum of 8.24%, which means that furniture e-commerce has a "false boom". Relevant experts of the Furniture Industry Association said that household items are special commodities, and there are industry specificities in distribution and installation. Compared with traditional stores, the products of home e-commerce need to be effectively connected with logistics in distribution, and also need to be coordinated by local dealers in installation. E-commerce cannot be a business that only sells products and does not sell services. Online and offline The integration of services is worth further exploration. It is foreseeable that if home appliances are to develop on e-commerce channels, it is imperative to get through O2O.


Chinese and Western style


With the limitation of wood resources, design products with a combination of panels will return to the main market. The trend of international furniture fashion design will care for the Chinese elements that return to the original. More Chinese furniture brands will add local products to the design of new products. element. From what we may see, in the process of Europeanization of Chinese furniture and Europeanization of furniture, the things with national characteristics that truly suit our lives will eventually have a greater impact on world furniture. On the other hand, the status quo is that Chinese people spend 5 billion euros each year to buy furniture. The pursuit of Western living styles not only benefits IKEA IKEA chain brands, but also makes British classic furniture companies such as STVILLA Setvina prosperous . It is observed that the decoration styles of villas and houses on the market are mostly European and American. The French furniture also has the taste of French romance and strong court atmosphere, and has won the demand of tasteful consumers with exquisite workmanship. Good performance in this regard such as Proda, Overat, Centennial Dihao, Ronghualong, Villa Park etc.


But we also see that the fusion of Chinese and Western style furniture is by no means a Lalang match. This integration of Chinese and Western furniture must be compatible with the current social culture. Many fusions of East and West are destined to have no market, and the result is definitely a painting. Tigers do not become anti-dogs and become tangible and innocent shells. It is expected that this will have a short process. In the future, the furniture industry will present a diversified development pattern, with more rich connotations of furniture products, further enhancement of furniture brand concentration, increasingly prominent regional characteristics, rapid growth of export trade, and marked acceleration of internationalization.


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