The main types of fingerprint collector

1. The thermal sensor, the fingerprint image formation is based on the fingerprint ridge and groove changes with the change of heat. In a typical thermal sensor, a small heating element is directly attached to a set of heat sensing elements. Because the "read" fingerprint is the firs

Switch sockets have tips for small parts and universities.

At present, there are various types of switch sockets on the market, which make the consumers feel at a loss when they buy, and the switch socket is not only a home decoration function, but also a main component for safe use of electrici

Culture brick price how culture brick decoration renderings

The culture brick is an antique brick with cultural imprint. The culture brick is popular in the market with its strong cultural atmosphere. Each convention exhibition has its presence. There are many styles of cultural bricks. At the same time, they are constantly innovating in colors, st

Talking about the concept of pump cavitation

A, a centrifugal pump cavitation in the pressure in the <br> <br> single centrifugal pumping liquid at lower than the saturation vapor pressure at this temperature, the liquid will have bubbles, cavitation occurs.

To understand the phenomenon of cavitation

Bathroom brand messy eye brand connotation to be improved

The September season, which symbolizes the peak season of the sanitary industry, has passed by more than half. The sanitary market has begun to pick up slowly, but it has not yet emerged from the shadow of the off-season. The proliferation of marketing models, the cons