Dainese tests inflatable protective jacket in the workplace

According to foreign media reports, Dainese Group D-Air Laboratory has recently developed an inflatable protective jacket designed to protect workers from the impact of high drop. Researchers are currently testing the jacket called the Safety

Cobalt Nitride Carbon Dioxide "Changes Waste into Poor"

Professor Zeng Jie’s group at the China University of Science and Technology has made important progress in the study of active phases of cobalt-based catalysts in the hydrogenation of carbon dioxide. They introduced a nitrogen atom into the co

Pressurized Concrete Construction Standard Process

Pressurized Concrete Construction Standard Process

In recent years, our cities have become more and more ecological. At the same time, they are more and more colorful. Attentive citizens will find that our urban roads are also increasingly colorful. The traditional color road pavem

What are the fire trucks equipped with the community micro fire station?

The fire-fighting vehicle equipped with the community micro-fire station is mainly a small-scale micro-tank fire truck with about 2 tons. In case of a fire in the community, residents can directly call the community's fire hotline, or call '119' to receive the firemen's informat